DESPERATE: Trump Spokesman Gives Fantasy Assessment of Trump's Past Week

DESPERATE: Trump Spokesman Gives Fantasy Assessment of Trump's Past Week

This is what desperation looks like.

Last night, Donald Trump begrudgingly gave his endorsement to House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Kelly Ayotte and Senator John McCain – aka – The Establishment.

This was after a week that saw him openly feuding with Republicans (again) and making gaffe after gaffe.

He also saw a widening of Clinton’s lead over him in the polls.

In an election year that should be an easy win for Republicans, the Republican candidate is on a downward trajectory, due to his own inability to present a hopeful message or to even stay on message.

Still, the spin from Team Trump is that this has been a “good week.”

“Specifically, as we talk about the last couple of days, they have been very good days. Mr. Trump has been driving his message. I think Hillary Clinton has been in a real bad spot with this Iran deal,” senior communications adviser Jason Miller said during an interview with the “Kilmeade & Friends” radio show.

“I think the ultimate thing is the contrast between Hillary [Clinton]’s record and Mr. Trump’s record,” Miller responded, to which Kilmeade remarked that Trump is only polling in the 70s among Republicans, noting that Mitt Romney lost with 90 percent of the GOP vote in 2012.

As Trump surrogate, Newt Gingrich noted earlier in the week, we’re faced with two candidates that are unworthy of the office.

Miller, bravely forging on, like a good foot soldier in a losing battle, insisted that Trump was popular with disaffected Democrats, and that the problem was messaging.

He dangled the carrots of Supreme Court picks, illegal immigration, and “making America great again” as coming messages to bring the party into line.

The problem with that is, those lines have all been used, ad nauseam, with very little substance to back them up. Continuing empty promises and catch phrases won’t save that sinking ship.

Asked whether there is anyone on the team who is able to tell the candidate that he is wrong or needs to fine tune certain parts of his messaging, Miller deferred to Trump’s decades of business judgment.

“I think, look, Mr. Trump hasn’t gotten to be this successful in business without knowing how to read the lay of the land and how to analyze scenes and figure out what needs to be done here,” Miller said. “He puts together a good team, he listens to his team, and ultimately he makes the decisions because his name is on the door and he is the leader.”

He got to be “successful” in business through a healthy inheritance from a rich daddy and a lot of backroom, dirty dealing, shafting small businessmen, bankruptcies, questionable business connections, and reality TV. Running a presidential campaign is not the same thing.

Mr. Miller hit on the core problem with Trump and tried to spin it as a positive: Trump will do whatever Trump wants to do and he is either incapable or unwilling to listen to counsel.

Traditionally, not a strong attribute in a world leader.

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