Kasich Camp Still Operating in Full Delusion-Mode

Delusion. There seems to be a lot of it going around.

Most politicos keeping up with this fiasco of a primary season were probably left to wonder why Ohio Governor John Kasich stayed in to the very end, even after having won only his home state along the way.


When news of a deal between the Kasich camp and the Cruz camp broke, revealing their plans to keep a clear path for one or the other to pick up states like Indiana, Oregon, or New Mexico, there was at least that hope that Trump could be blocked and stopped.

Indiana made it perfectly clear that there was no intelligent life left here and Trump walked away big, Cruz bowed, with Kasich, finally, following close behind.

Some argue that Kasich’s role, all along, was to act as a spoiler and stay in until Cruz dropped. Had his goal been a contested convention, as he suggested, he would have stayed in the entire way.

Kasich Chief Strategist, John Weaver, however, is suggesting that Kasich had a clear path to convention victory, but that the Cruz deal came too late.

“’What the Cruz camp never understood is that our voters were never going to go with Cruz,’ Weaver told Cleveland.com. ‘They’d go to Trump or not vote at all. There was a win-win there if we could get past Indiana. We got that, but it was too late.’”

The assertion here is that Kasich voters are Trump voters, so, basically, Ohio.


“’He got in last, had little national name ID, and got out last as the most popular Republican in the country,’ Weaver tells the outlet. ‘He did it the hard way, but he did it the right way. He never deviated from his policies. He ran a positive, uplifting campaign. He never once took the low road when every other campaign did so periodically.’”

From top to bottom, it’s near-impossible to wrap your brain around the backwards logic that was apparently rampant in the Kasich campaign.

At the most, all the prolonged Kasich campaign did was act as spoiler to more qualified candidates, like Cruz and even Rubio, who actually had a legitimate shot at stopping the nightmare unfolding before us.



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