Letter to US Senator John Thune (R-SD)

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The nearly complete silence by elected Republicans in the US Senate and House of Representatives regarding the continuing revelations of election fraud in swing states across the country is deafening. Yes, there are a few honorable Republicans like Sen. Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. Cruz (R-TX) who are demanding audits and others actions to correct the widespread fraud that is being exposed in sworn affidavits by average Americans in the various Trump campaign lawsuits in several swing states. However, public pronouncements by elected Republicans in general are few and far between! It reminds me of their silence during the Russia collusion hoax. Gutless wonders.

There should be a concerted and coordinated effort to get to the bottom of the election fraud, as opposed to the near-complete silence from Republican leaders in Congress. Do elected Republicans seriously believe that Joe Biden actually received more votes this year than Hussein Obama (twice) and Hillary Clinton? That is patently absurd. Apparently, the only way to stimulate that coordinated action by Republicans is for their constituents – us! – to light fires under their sorry behinds! Toward that end, here is an email that I just fired off to both of my senators (tailored appropriately to each one):

Senator Thune,

I am disgusted with your lack of public support for President Trump, including your unwillingness to have endorsed his election in 2016 and reelection in 2020. Furthermore, in light of the massive election fraud that has been reported in hundreds if not thousands of affidavits sworn under threat of perjury in Trump campaign lawsuits filed in multiple swing states, you have remained silent. A truly despicable act for the third-ranking Republican in the US Senate! Where are your public demands for vote audits to “true the vote” in those swing states? I resent your silence, which basically would have my vote for President Trump stolen by the fraudulent votes cast for Biden in other states. Everyone I know here in [my home town in South Dakota] and in other parts of South Dakota feels as I do. You need to get off your duff and be the leader we elected you to be, as opposed to Mitch McConnell’s flunky.

Either that, or face a real primary challenge in 2022. People aren’t going to stand for your silence when they know that allowing Biden’s theft of this election to stand means that there will never be another free and fair election again in the US.

Stuart J. Cvrk, CAPT, USN (Ret’d)

It is time for action, folks. I suggest that you communicate something similar to your own elected Republican representatives in Congress, as the future of our constitutional Republic is at stake, and we need all hands on deck engaged in the battle! As for those elected Republicans who have already called for President Trump to concede the election, they have marked themselves as the RINOs they are who will be subjected to primary challenges at the next possible opportunity.

The end.

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