Hakeem Jeffries Continues Pelosi's Tradition of Being a Liar but Without the Skill

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Hope springs eternal. There was always the chance that Hakeem Jeffries would not turn out to be the kind of conscienceless, amoral liar that Nancy Pelosi was. I’ll grant you not much of one, but there was a hope that he might seek to bring some personal integrity to his new position. I was mistaken.


Earlier in the week, Jeffries sent this tweet.

What he’s touting is a provision in the “Inflation Reduction Act” that caps insulin prices at $35 per month for some Medicare recipients.

The bill does that, but Jeffries deliberately obscures that the only reason the Democrats had to set the cap was that they removed the existing price cap.

In Executive Order 13397, titled Access to Affordable Life-Saving Medications, President Trump set the same $35 per month price point two years ago. You can read the text of the order at the link.

One of Joe Biden’s first acts in office was to freeze the HHS regulation implementing the Executive Order, and then revoke that regulation.


The only way the Democrats get credit for sticking a massive increase in federal spending into an inflation reduction bill is because they are the ones who caused millions of Americans to pay more than necessary for the ensuing two years because OrangeManBad.

There is one blessing to Jeffries’ ascension to leadership of the Democrat caucus. He comes from a tame and thoroughly stump-broke district where he’s never had to face a real political fight. He’s been covered for his entire career by a worshipful and thoroughly stump-broke political press and has never been subject to scrutiny. All of that has changed. He is the face of the national Democrat Party. It is high time we start holding him accountable for his lies and misrepresentations.


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