Twitter's Former 'Truth and Safety' Poohbah Demonstrates Why We Are Ruled by Idiots

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In October 2020. in the middle of a hotly contested election between a Washington outsider and a decrepit, semi-vegetative moron locked in a basement in Delaware, a fantastic act of election interference took place. The abandoned laptop computer of Joe Biden’s wastrel, coke-addled whelp, Hunter, surfaced. It showed in graphic terms the depths of Hunter’s depravity, and it showed conclusively that Joe Biden was an active business partner and recipient of funds from Hunter’s questionable “business” ventures. Ventures that looked a helluva lot more like influence peddling and bribery than any legal form of business. When the New York Post published some of the contents, the establishment elites jumped into action. The New York Post was lambasted by other media. Fifty-one former intelligence goobers signed a letter claiming, without evidence or having viewed the laptop contents, that it had the “hallmarks” of a Russian intelligence operation. And social media behemoths Facebook and Twitter joined forces to prevent the New York Post, or anyone else, from sharing information about the laptop; see CBS Authenticates Hunter Biden’s Laptop and Signals the Wheels on the Bus Are Coming for Joe.


The nominal reason was to protect the nation from disinformation. The real reason was to push a pre-vegetative Joe Biden across the finish line.

In the past few weeks, there have been some cracks in the obvious collusion of Big Tech with the Deep State to decide what information you are allowed to hear. First, the “disinformation control board” formed by the Department of Homeland Security and chaired by some raving nutbag who thought censoring your social media communications while singing Mary Poppins songs was normal was shuttered; Former Disinformation Board Dir. Nina Jankowicz Says Biden Admin ‘Rolled Over’ After Criticism. Second, Elon Musk took the helm at Twitter: Fear Sweeps Twitter’s ‘Workforce’ as Elon Musk Plans to Fire 75% of Its Staff. Third, leakers started sending documents to Senators Josh Hawley and Chuck Grassley showing just how deeply entwined social media companies and the federal bureaucracy; see Leaked Documents Show DHS, the FBI, and Social Media Platforms Worked Together to Stop Debate on COVID, Hunter’s Laptop, and Election Integrity. Fourth, a “news” organization took some time to look at Hunter’s laptop and found that it was legitimate; CBS Authenticates Hunter Biden’s Laptop and Signals the Wheels on the Bus Are Coming for Joe. And yesterday, Twitter’s defenestrated head of “trust and safety” (lololol) Yoel Roth admitted, over two years after participating in the most significant election fraud since JFK’s father bought the White House for him that he was wrong, my colleague Teri Christoph covers that episode in detail In a Rare Moment of Liberal Truthfulness, Twitter’s Former ‘Trust and Safety’ Chief Admits It Was Wrong to Censor the Hunter Biden Laptop Story.


Roth’s hand-waving and excuse-making can be boiled down to one statement.

“We didn’t know what to believe, we didn’t know what was true, there was smoke — and ultimately for me, it didn’t reach a place where I was comfortable removing this content from Twitter,” Roth said. “But it set off every single one of my finely tuned APT28 hack and leak campaign alarm bells.”

Even though Roth has a Ph.D. in communications and is the author of such hard-hitting journal articles as No fats, no femmes, no privacy?, Zero feet away: The digital geography of gay social media, ‘No overly suggestive photos of any kind’: Content management and the policing of self in gay digital communities, and Locating the “Scruff Guy”: Theorizing Body and Space in Gay Geosocial Media, the first thought that should have occurred to him was it was not his job to decide what was true.

Maybe the thought that he should show a tiny bit of humility and defer to a major newspaper that exhaustively reported on a critical story and not play Galactic Commander should have whizzed through his mind.

He could have told the various alphabet agency enforcers that Twitter was a social media platform. If they disagreed with the New York Post, they needed to avail themselves of the media to make their case to the public.

The very last thing he should have done was acquiesce and participate in a scam to deprive the American people of the information they needed to make an informed choice.


What really shows the falsity and self-serving nature of Roth’s apologia is when you look at how Twitter was ground zero of misinformation about COVID. I’m not talking about random people trying to tweet about ivermectin. I’m talking about the blatant and bald-faced lies spun by the US Department of Health and Human Services and its subordinate agencies, particularly the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. I’m talking about how Twitter, under Roth’s leadership, ruthlessly banned tens of thousands of users because they dared to state what is accepted as the truth today. People were banned for, literally, posting links to articles in scientific journals questioning any of the stupidity that Anthony Fauci was slinging about.

In those cases, Roth didn’t know what was true or false either, and, just like with the Hunter Biden laptop story, he sided with elite opinion and against free speech and open debate. It had to be awesome to be a film studies major and have federal officials begging for your help to save our democracy.

He seems to think that having a Ph.D. in a pseudo-discipline gives him the knowledge to determine truth from falsity and the right to impose his not-very-reliable judgment on millions of Twitter users.

Back in February 2021, I was a guest on Susie Moore’s podcast Moore to the Point. On that program, I said that the underlying cause of most of our problems is that we are governed, officially and unofficially, by idiots; see PODCAST: Moore to the Point With Susie Moore – Ep. 5 – Conversation With Streiff on Elite Incompetence.


Roth is a prime example of a credentialed idiot. Despite a lot of evidence to the contrary, he decided that he was smart enough to determine what you and I were allowed to read and see. He made a career out of being spectacularly wrong, and only the once-in-a-generation nature of this f***-up has caused him to admit that someone else made a mistake.

He’s not alone.

This will not stop, and our republican form of government will continue to be at grave risk unless we take steps to deprive government bureaucrats and their social media counterparts of the ability to determine what we can read, watch, write, and say.


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