Charles Grassley’s Latest Letter Shows Joe Biden Was Involved in Hunter’s Shenanigans but It Won’t Make the DOJ Take Action

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Senator Charles Grassley, ranking member and chairman-in-waiting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has released a blockbuster letter accusing Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice of deliberately squelching any investigation into the business dealings of the Biden Crime Family — Hunter, James, and Joey SoftServe himself.


The letter includes a contract signed by James and Hunter Biden as well as reminding Garland of the voluminous information already in the FBI’s possession that unambiguously show criminal conduct by Hunter and James Biden and that Joe Biden was aware of their business dealings. Hunter Biden’s history of reckless behavior and sexual deviancy combined with his financial dependency upon a Chinese company with close ties to the Chinese government (but I repeat myself) guarantees that the Chinese have blackmail material on Hunter and probably on James and Joe as well.

According to Grassley, not only has the FBI not investigated known allegations, there are multiple allegations made in confidence to Grassley that have been referred to the FBI with no action.

Lastly, the FBI has within its possession a series of documents relating to information on Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma, and his business and financial associations with Hunter Biden. The documents in the FBI’s possession include specific details with respect to conversations by non-government individuals relevant to potential criminal conduct by Hunter Biden. These documents also indicate that Joe Biden was aware of Hunter Biden’s business arrangements and may have been involved in some of them. Based on allegations, it is unclear whether the FBI followed normal investigative procedure to determine the truth and accuracy of the information or shut down investigative activity based on improper disinformation claims in advance of the 2020 election, just as it did with Hunter Biden information that I wrote to you about on July 25, 2022.[6] It is also unclear whether U.S. Attorney Weiss has performed his own due diligence on these and related allegations.

These new whistleblower disclosures beg the question: in light of the allegations that I have brought to your attention, what have the FBI and Justice Department, to include U.S. Attorney Weiss, done to investigate?

Notably, the Justice Department and FBI have not disputed the accuracy of the allegations that I have made public since May 31, 2022. The Justice Department’s and FBI’s continued silence on these matters is deafening and further erodes their credibility. Simply put, enough is enough – the Justice Department and FBI must come clean to Congress and the American people with respect to the steps they have taken, or failed to take, relating to the Hunter Biden investigation. With respect to the new – and numerous – legally protected disclosures that have been made to my office, please provide the following no later than October 27, 2022, so that Congress can perform an independent and objective review:

  1. The full and unredacted FBI summary of Tony Bobulinski’s October 23, 2020, interview.
  2. Was Tony Bobulinski’s interview summary placed within Guardian? Was it placed within an investigative case file?
  3. The full and unredacted October 2020 document that lists a timeline of events associated with Hunter Biden’s business associates, foreign and domestic.
  4. All records relating to the May 2, 2017, and May 3, 2017, meetings between Tony Bobulinski and Joe Biden.
  5. All records, including FD-71, FD-209a, FD-302, FD-794b, FD-1023, FD-1040a, FD-1057 and Guardian leads, from January 1, 2014 to the date of this letter that reference Mykola Zlochevsky, Hunter Biden, James Biden and Joe Biden.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Charles E. Grassley
Ranking Member
Committee on the Judiciary


This letter is not the first that Senator Grassley has written; see Sen. Grassley Promises to Make FBI Dir; see Wray Address the FBI’s Political Double Standards, but Does It Matter? The full text of Senator Grassley’s letter most recent letter is below.

Grassley Letter to FBI and DOJ on the Biden Crime Family by streiff on Scribd

If we were a nation governed by the rule of law, this letter would be the political equivalent of a nuclear explosion. This is not a bullsh** charge manufactured by some fat putz high from snorting Krispy Kreme icing. The available evidence indicates real criminal activity and real influence peddling by the whole Biden clan. And yet, our Justice Department is fixated on pursuing retirees for trespassing in the Capitol and manufacturing data to support their contention that “domestic violent extremism” is a thing (Scandalous: Biden Reportedly Pressuring FBI Agents to ‘Find’ Cases That Push ‘Domestic Extremism’ Talking Points and Leaked Documents Show FBI Equating Basic American Terminology With ‘Violent Extremism).

Let’s not kid ourselves. Even if the Republicans win control of Congress next month, so long as Joe Biden and Merrick Garland are giving mutual reach-arounds, there is no way to force the Department of Justice to do its job. There have been stories that a second Trump administration would spend a lot of energy purging the DOJ and FBI of the people who shielded Biden ((Trump Team Plans Post-Election Purge of Department of Justice, FBI, and the Intelligence Community). We can only hope that the stories are true and that if the GOP nominee in 2024 is not Trump, he has the same thing in mind.



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