Unexplained Fires Engulf Russian Tank Farms; Oil Pipeline to Germany May Be at Risk

Early Monday morning (local time), explosions rocked two oil tank farms in Bryansk, Russia.  Bryansk is about 250 miles northeast of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and less than 70 miles from the Ukrainian border.


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Here are my thoughts:

Over the past week, we’ve seen unexplained fires at three significant facilities inside Russia in just two days (read Bad Luck Strikes Russia as Three Major Fires in Two Days Damage Defense and Private Industry).

Last month, Ukraine carried out two strikes in Russian territory. It hit an ammunition storage area and a fuel storage depot (see Ukraine Attacks Fuel Depot Miles Inside of Russia—or Did It?).

The tank farms that are on fire would support ongoing Russian “special operations” in Eastern Ukraine.

One tank farm catching fire is careless; two flaming up is rather extravagant. Two tank farms, geographically separated, going Zippo on the same night pushes the laws of probabilities.

If the early stories of the fire/explosion affecting an oil pipeline to Germany, all of this just got a lot more interesting.




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