Joe Biden Decides the Cure for His Incompetence Is a Lot More Joe Biden

All politics aside, it is difficult to imagine a more inept, incompetent, and out-of-touch junta than that now ensconced in the White House.

By any metric you wish to examine, the United States has taken about a half-dozen steps down the ladder towards Third World sh** hole status since Joey SoftServe was installed as president. For instance, consider this scene from California,


Crime is skyrocketing. Labor force participation is at a historic low. Grocery shelves are empty. Real wages are not only down, they are being gang-banged by inflation that will break into double digits by the time summer rolls around. Gallup’s right-track/wrong-track shows 79% of America is asking, “Where are we going? Why are we in this handbasket?” All the international prestige built over the Trump administration was effectively burned to the ground by the shameful rout of US forces from Kabul, and Biden seems poised to double down on national disgrace by its actions in Ukraine (see Joe Biden Just Told Americans in Ukraine to Go Jump in a Lake).

In domestic politics, the GOP has benefited from a 14-point swing in the generic ballot. Twenty-eight House Democrats, mostly representing solid Blue districts, have announced their intention to retire rather than stand for reelection. In addition, Hispanic voters, who went for Biden by 60 points in 2020, are now evenly split between favoring Republicans and Democrats.

If there were ever a time for an alleged administration to go to the mattresses, shut up, and focus on attempting to be able to distinguish their collective ass from a pile of hot rocks, now would be that time. But that would mean you didn’t have the brilliant political instincts of Joey SoftServe. This is from The Hill, which specializes in producing stenography for the Biden bunch under the guise of “news.”

President Joe Biden is eager to spend more time away from the White House as his administration enters its second year, and a lot of that will be an effort to sell the parts of his agenda that actually did get enacted into law in Year One.

Biden said during his extended news conference Wednesday that he wanted to spend more time away from Washington, after a year in which some travel was curtailed both by the COVID-19 pandemic and the decision to be around for a series of legislative negotiations.

“I’m going to be out on the road a lot, making the case around the country, with my colleagues who are up for reelection and others, making the case of what we did do and what we want to do, what we need to do,” the president said. “And so, I don’t think I’ve overpromised at all.  And I’m going to stay on this track.”


It gets better. Falling back on the old Democrat stand-by of AstroTurfed organizations, “supporters” of Biden and his agenda are producing ads touting Biden’s amazing accomplishments.

In one new ad campaign shared first with CQ Roll Call, Building Back Together, a nonprofit group backing the president’s policy agenda, is spending $1.5 million across a variety of platforms to tout the administration’s first year achievements.

The spending includes TV and radio spots, as well as billboards and both digital and print ads, according to a release from the group. In particular, Building Back Together is seeking to reach an array of audiences, including Black, Latino and AAPI voters.

“From taking on the pandemic and jumpstarting the economic recovery, to proving that government can work for the people by passing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and American Rescue Plan, we’re wasting no time in 2022 to communicate to Americans across the country about the enormous successes of the Biden-Harris Administration,” executive director Danielle Melfi said in a statement.

This is my prediction. We know that the more people see Joe Biden, the more they are likely to believe he is not terribly bright, fairly dishonest, and showing the signs of senile dementia. We know Joe Biden can’t draw crowds except in the sense of “wtf will he say now?” You will see Democrat candidates run from him and his agenda just like Stacey Abrams did in Georgia. Joe Biden will not fix his self-inflicted disasters by giving America more of an opportunity to see him in action. His staff, except Ron Klain, is smart enough to know that. At best, this is just a bullsh** public relations scam. Taken literally, it is clinical self-delusion.




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