Three Prominent Democrats and a Huge RINO Are COVID Positive After the Vax and Booster, Maybe There Is a Lesson Here

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Today has been sort of a banner day in the annals of the Wuhan pandemic. Several prominent personalities announced they had tested positive for the virus.


Of note, Rosario Dawson, “girlfriend” of the ferociously and unambiguously heterosexual Cory Booker, has not announced that she has tested positive. I’m guessing his being vaccinated and wearing a mask and over-abundance of testosterone saved her.

As a Marylander, let me take this opportunity to say that I am truly ashamed of my two votes for Larry Hogan. He’s turned out to be a pathetic accommodationist as a governor in political battles, and when it comes to the Wuhan virus, he’s been the worst sort of Chicken Little and fearmonger.


UPDATE: I just discovered another one.

The point of this is not to gloat over people, even notorious fascist douchenozzles like Jim Cramer. He has called for mandatory Wuhan vaccinations and the military to enforce compliance, coming down with a disease that has no lasting effects in over 99% of all cases. No one knows how the three Democrat politicians caught the virus, but theories are floating.

My colleague Nick Arama notes the proximity of the positive Wuhan tests to the DNC “Holiday” Party, see Flurry of Dem COVID Cases Raises Questions About Biden Hypocrisy and DNC Holiday Party.

My favorite theory for the source of Warren’s infection comes from Sean Davis at The Federalist.

The point of all of this is that we’ve been lied to, and we’ve been abused.

We’ve seen policy decisions made that can only be explained by abject ignorance or deliberate cruelty designed to cow a frightened populace into compliance with mindless regulations. Nothing that the federal government has ordered us to do has had any positive impact (We Told You So). Observational data indicate that the best results come in states who ignore the federal mumbo-jumbo (like Florida) rather than those that slavishly adopt it (like New York). Vulnerable citizens in nursing homes were deliberately, or so it appears to the disinterested observer, exposed to the virus. Precious time and resources were diverted from developing a variety of effective therapeutics for the most vulnerable Wuhan patients to a search for a will-o-the-wisp vaccine and subsidize a testing regime that seems more intent upon bloating the Wuhan case count than anything else. We are told that the vaccine-plus-booster will reduce the effects of the Wuhan virus, but there is no clinical trial that substantiates such a claim to the best of my research. In fact, it looks like the White House will throw in the towel on reaching “zero-COVID” tomorrow; see The White House Prepares to Surrender on COVID. CNN is already prepping both members of its audience for that eventuality; see Sure Looks Like There’s a Coordinated CNN Effort Underway on that COVID Messaging. Even so, the same people who created the unconscionable panic last year are now trying to whip up a hysteria over a variant of the Wuhan virus that many medical professionals don’t consider to be a huge threat (No One Is Scared of Omicron and Even Some Doctors are Shrugging It Off),


All of this begs the question of why we attempted to develop a vaccine for a rapidly mutating virus that has recourse to a wide variety of animal reservoirs. We know from experience that such viruses are terrible candidates for vaccines.

One can hope that this fiasco will lead who-the-hell-ever is calling the shots on our public health policy to take serious note of the Great Barrington Declaration, focus on protecting the most vulnerable and developing therapeutics, and then get out of the way and let us lead normal lives. Seriously, if people who do everything they are supposed to do end up with the virus, what does that say about the quality of the information we are given.

At the very least, the ability of the fascists who are trying to use a “public health emergency” to trammel constitutional rights is going to be damaged by people who have done everything the mask-and-vax nazis demanded coming down with the virus.


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