Former Senator David Perdue Announces Primary Challenge to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Former Senator David Perdue is about to throw his hat into the ring for the Republican primary race for the nomination to represent the GOP in the November 2022 elections. The official announcement will come tomorrow, but today, his campaign has given a heads-up to the media. The winner of the GOP primary will face the incumbent Democrat governor Stacey “Tank” Abrams.


From my point of view, this can best be characterized as “The Revenge of Trump Continues.” Perdue lost his 2020 reelection bid to Democrat Jon Ossoff. At the same time, Raphael Warnock was leading in the first round of a contest for the seat held by Johnny Isakson, and, incredibly, SoftServe Joe was narrowly beating President Trump.

The Georgia election was marred with shenanigans, and unbelievable shifts in votes that we were all told were completely normal. Also completely normal was that the bizarre happenings took place in Democrat-machine-run counties. This is not to say the results of the Georgia election were fraudulent, but if you’d wanted to conduct an openly fraudulent election to destroy public confidence in the electoral process and encourage citizens to stay home rather than vote, what you’d have come up with would have looked a lot like what happened in Georgia in 2020.

Making matters worse was that the governor, Brian Kemp, the secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, and the attorney general, Chris Carr are all Republicans. So the Democrat shenanigans were carried out right in front of the people who controlled the election process, and nothing was done during the election or since.


President Trump has already recruited Representative Jody Hice to primary Raffensperger. Hice’s district is R+31 under the most likely map and safe. Hice has to be the favorite to boat-race Raffensperger, given Raffensperger’s radioactivity with the GOP base.

President Trump’s feud with Raffensperger is personal on a couple of levels. First, he blames Raffensperger, and rightly so, for the bullsh** that happened during the 2020 election. And Raffensperger had a rather public spat with President Trump over a phone call in which President Trump tried to get allegations of malfeasance investigated, and Raffensperger denied any untoward happened. Eventually, Raffensperger released a transcript of the call, which ended up as an article in the last impeachment trial of President Trump.

Perdue’s entry into the GOP gubernatorial primary is a death blow to Kemp. Perdue is more popular among Republicans than Kemp, and when voters are told that Perdue is Trump-endorsed, he is much more popular.

The survey, conducted for Republican operatives interested in figuring out the lay of the land in Georgia, showed Kemp leading Perdue 38% to 32%, with Democrat-turned-Republican Vernon Jones picking up 16%. When the pollster presented Perdue as endorsed by former President Donald Trump, he jumped ahead of Kemp and led the incumbent governor 41% to 34%, with Jones garnering 11%. In a head-to-head with Kemp with Trump’s backing, Perdue led 50% to 41%.


According to the most recent polls, Tank trails Kemp by about 4 points. Given that this will be an off-year election with a motivated GOP (unless they do something profoundly stupid), the chances that Trump’s endorsement will have any more luck rallying Democrats in Georgia than it did in Virginia.

On the whole, President Trump’s vendetta against the weak-kneed Republicans in Georgia looks like it will result in stronger candidates, electorally and personally, than those who are about to be replaced.


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