January 6 Commission Star Witness Has a History of Hating President Trump and Supporting Riots That Aren't Where He's Working

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Nancy Pelosi’s “commission” on the riot in the US Capitol started out pretty much as one would have expected. Of course, a commission predicated on a lie (insurrection) needs lots of lies to back it up. My colleague Bonchie covered the opening day festivities in Lies Pile up on Day One of the January 6th Hearings.


Actually, if we are going to use the broad rubric that [Mississippi Democrat Bennie] Thompson is using, thousands of people lost their lives for a variety of different reasons across the country. Regardless, only one was a direct result of something done at the Capitol that day. That would be Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by an unidentified police officer. No, Officer Brian Sicknick did not die of injuries he sustained in the line of duty. He died a day later of a stroke he suffered nearly 12 hours after the events of January 6th. That is not in dispute. Any connection to January 6th is purely speculative, and in no other situation do we blame the deaths of officers who die of natural causes on stress endured while on duty. That’s not how any of this works.

Thompson is also lumping in two officers who later committed suicide despite there being no direct evidence whatsoever that their decisions were based on January 6th. All the other deaths in the “seven” mentioned were of natural causes.

Then there was the claim that January 6th was the worst attack on the Capitol since 1812.


Further, the Capitol building has been bombed numerous times throughout its history, resulting in extensive damage. The idea that the meandering trespassers of January 6th represented a greater threat than literally being shot or blown up does not pass muster. It’s the kind of claim a hysteric makes without regard for the facts.


One guy seemed determined to make himself the star of the show. That was Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn.

This kind of bullsh** is laughable. First off, the only “hit man” employed on January 6 was Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd, who had managed to walk away unscathed from a totally unjustified shooting (see Congressman Reveals What He Said and Did to Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt). President Trump, for his part, asked his supporters to make a peaceful march to the Capitol. The breach of Capitol security took place while President Trump was still speaking.

Dunn also claims Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died as a result of the January 6 riot.

Then there was this episode.


Dunn first rolled out this story, as best I can tell, in a February interview to the New York Times.

Now, there was a moment when racist slurs were used against you.
So I run up the stairwell. There’s people freaking everywhere. They saw I came from an area that wasn’t occupied by terrorists. So they tried to go down the steps. I said, “No, you’re not going down there.” And I’m exhausted. They’re saying, “Trump is our rightful president. Nobody voted for Joe Biden.” I needed to catch my breath. So I said, “I voted for Joe Biden. What? My vote doesn’t matter?” A woman responded, “This [slur] voted for Joe Biden!” Everybody that was there started joining in. “Hey, [slur]!” It was over 20 people who said it.

Naturally, he was a modest, self-effacing hero:

At one point, I confronted a group of terrorists in the crypt. There were downed officers behind me, and, I’m like, “I have to hold this hallway.” I’m tired, but I said, “Y’all not coming through here.” They said, “We’re coming. This is our house. We’re taking over.” That’s when I said, “We’ve got dozens of downed officers here. Why are y’all doing this? Get out!” I guess it was a group of the Oath Keepers and they appeared to be concerned. “Officers are hurt?” That’s when one guy said, “We’re doing this for you,” and showed me his badge. He was an officer. But they didn’t get through me. Only one person attempted to get through me at that time, and he met the floor. He met the floor. Finally, officers with armored gear responded and held that area.


Thus far, to the best of my knowledge and research, no video/audio has been produced which substantiate this story. It may be true, but given the convenience of the narrative, we are entitled to skepticism.

One thing this particular officer has done for us is to leave his Twitter account untouched.

Here is more from his timeline.


It’s also interesting that Dunn was supportive of the riots in Kenosha while opposing the riot in the Capitol. He also seems to have a habit of making stuff up. The riot in Kenosha was not set off by a murder, it was set off when an armed domestic violence offender attempted to drive off in his ex-girlfriend’s car with her children in it was shot.

This one sounds a lot like a man out to develop a media profile.

Officer Dunn is a progressive activist. Whatever his experiences were or were not on January 6, he misrepresented key events and he claimed, without evidence, that a mob called him hurty words while electing to leave him unharmed…not the way an insurrection usually plays out. I’ll be happy update this with video of Officer Dunn being called names should such video be found. Until then, I consider this to be an exercise in narrative building by a man who virulently despised President Trump and his supporters and has a vested interest in making himself into a victim of racism and them the perpetrators.


I can hardly wait for his book tour. Ka-ching!



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