Is Hakeem Jeffries a Raving Lunatic or Is He Just Mad Because Someone Peed in His Office?

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I posted earlier on a tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declaring that any member of Congress who refused to vote to remove President Trump was not fit to serve in the Congress and promising no quarter for “white supremacists.” The latter we know means anyone who will not plant their lips in a public venue on the backside of any BLM protester who demands it. READ: AOC Lets Us Know That Healing Means Abject Surrender and Submission.


Now we have another data point.

New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries is the House Democrat Caucus leader. He’s a hardcore progressive and an ardent race-baiter. In short, Jeffries represents the Democrat caucus politically, and he’s not some loudmouth trying to make a career off social media postings.

By any standard, this is just batsh** crazy. There were no “enemy combatants” involved in the demonstration in the US Capitol than there were involved in sacking businesses across the country over a period of months this summer. There was no sedition involved in trying to convince the Congress to seriously weigh the effect of certifying an election that half the nation believes to be fraudulent. There was literally no attempt to overthrow the government, and no way a mostly peaceful demonstration could have accomplished that even had that been the goal. The same guy who encouraged riots and mayhem all summer in an open attempt to destabilize governments (a less charitable view is that he was following the Maoist doctrine of revolutionary warfare where conscious provocations are made of the police to antagonize them into shooting demonstrators to create outrage and martyrs) is now upset because a small number of people interrupted a vote that was completed the same day it was scheduled. For background, read:


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But that wasn’t the best part:

I’m assuming this will kick off the deliberative and highly serious impeachment vote, you know, just like the last impeachment attempt was so deliberative and highly serious. It will be interesting to see what kind of dog’s breakfast of legal reasoning can be used to accuse the President of the United States to encourage a peaceful protest (see US Attorney for DC Is Allegedly Investigating President Trump’s Speech for Evidence of a Criminal Act) in support of a process recognized by the Constitution and federal law which is the right of the Congress to challenge electoral votes based on irregularities.

I suspect Jeffries’s outrage is much more personal.

From listening to Jeffries, it is pretty clear that the “decorated” offices included his.

Of course, he’s mad. He’s virtual royalty. The proles and plebians do what he directs them to do; they don’t dare push back on his excesses. Now he’s just lashing out at people who don’t much care that he’s some poohbah in the Democrat party. He’s petty and ridiculous, but he is providing stellar spank material to the left and that, I suppose, counts for something.


The important thing to remember is that this man is dangerous, and he’s signaled that he intends to carry out a campaign of vengeance against anyone he blames for the lèsemajesté inflicted upon his carpet. By styling American citizens as “enemy combatants,” he is endorsing more than the cold-blooded murder of Ashli Babbitt; he is declaring that everyone on the Capitol Grounds should have been gunned down. Don’t be shocked when police in left-wing jurisdictions start picking up on the hint.


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