AOC Lets Us Know That Healing Means Abject Surrender and Submission

AOC Lets Us Know That Healing Means Abject Surrender and Submission
Tom Williams/Pool via AP

A short while ago, failed bartender, high school science fair winner and New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made an interesting and significant statement about the current state of American politics via the official party organ of the left, Twitter.

As AOC is arguably one of the more lucid of the House radicals it would do us well to remember this does not represent a view of the actual sentiment of the more radical members of the House…which now includes Nancy Pelosi. It is the sanitized for public consumption version. It would also serve us well to take her at her word.

What she is doing is saying that if Republican officeholders don’t take action to remove President Trump that they have forfeited the right to remain in office. She, obviously, doesn’t have the power as of yet to enforce that dicta but the fact that she would expel members of the House for not doing what they are told by a twit from the opposing party brings her totalitarian and anti-American nature into full view.

Over time she and her fellow-travelers have characterized just about anyone who has opposed the BLM fraud as a “white supremacist.” They’ve even called every group that opposes them “white supremacist” even though the House Democrat caucus is about as diverse as the denizens of a San Francisco bathhouse. You know that if you voted for Trump you are a “white supremacist.”

Her message is clear. She intends to punish Trump supporters and she will try to marginalize House members who refuse to kowtow to the left.

This isn’t me telling you this, it is her. You’s be well advised to take her seriously.

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