Hilarity Ensues as New Jersey's Mask Meister Murphy Is Caught Ignoring the Rules He Imposed on Others

Chris Pedota/The Record via AP, Pool

The one notable thing about this pandemic (so-called) that has kept the nation bunkered in a way that is unique to our history is the fact that it is blatantly obvious that the people who are killing off nursing home residents and destroying lives and businesses don’t actually believe a single word that they are saying. While California is shutting down everything in sight, California Democrats jetted off to Maui for a meeting (read EXPOSED: California Democrats who are in Maui While You’re Locked Down), and Gavin Newsome worried about neither masks nor social distancing as he was swilling wine on someone else’s expense account at an exclusive restaurant (read Who Paid for the (Alleged) $15,000 Wine Bill Gavin Newsom and Friends Racked up at French Laundry?).


There is this from Illinois

Who can forget that Pennsylvania Health Secretary Richard, strike that, I mean Rachel Levine took his own mother out of a nursing home shortly before he gave the order to send Wuhan virus patients into those facilities. Your loved ones didn’t matter, his did.

There is the noxious, bloviating clown who is governor of New York who, after declaring that families must not assemble for Thanksgiving, baldly announced his own plans to travel and celebrate the holiday with his family, read Andrew Cuomo Sets Hypocrisy Meters on Fire With His Thanksgiving Plans.

At least as noxious and fascistic as Andrew Cuomo is New Jersey’s Philip Murphy who, early on, had the state police, or “Staats Polizei” as they were called in another government with the same habits, break up a Jewish funeral. Since then, he has inveighed on the subject of wearing face masks and the evils and dangers of restaurant dining. A few nights ago, some New Jersey citizens, not the Democrat serfs who dominate that sad, benighted, mullet-wearing state, stumbled upon Murphy chowing down in a restaurant, ignoring social distancing, and not wearing a face mask. The results are hilarious but the language is definitely NSFW. Turn down your speakers.


A couple of points here. When left-wing goons drove Kirstjen Nielsen from a DC restaurant, I was against it. When Kellyanne Conway was similarly assaulted while dining out, I was against that, too. In principle, I am against harassing public officials in non-work settings, and I favor leaving spouses and children out of the scrum.

That being said, one thing that I have learned over the past four years is that we are definitely in the age of #NewRules. Absolutely no one on the left stood up for Nielsen or Conway. In fact, most on the left thought that personal and intrusive attacks on public officials with whom you disagree were totally righteous. If those are the rules, then the last thing I’m going to do is stand in the way of the cultural zeitgeist. So sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, baby. If carrying out a legal and court-sanctioned program that was inherited from the Obama administration was grounds for the attack on Nielsen, how much more is the guilt of people who seem to have a masturbatory relationship with the restrictions they can impose on fellow citizens.

Using the principles imposed upon us by the left, a price needs to be extracted from the worst Wuhan fascists. People like Cuomo and Murphy and Hogan and Whitmer and Newsome and Lujan should be afraid to appear in public without a platoon of riot police. They should not be able to set foot outside a state-owned office building without being surrounded by protesters chanting slogans, hurling insults and invective, and catching it all on video for posterity.


These people should not feel safe walking the streets or venturing out of their homes so long as they carry on a cruel and remorseless war against the basic constitutional liberties of the American people.




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