This Probably Isn't True but It Would Be Great If It Were

As much as I remain convinced that the vote count that seems destined to put a corrupt and demented political hack in the White House was a function of overt and industrial-scale cheating by the Democrats with top cover flown by a national media that covered up the story (see This Isn’t Just the Theft of an Election, This Is a Message to All of Us), the sad fact is that a) President Trump is unlikely to prevail in any of the recounts and legal challenges and b) Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next president of the United States.


Rumors are already flying about policies that Biden will overturn and those he will put into place. We can expect to see Planned Parenthood made into the fourth branch of government. I fully expect on-demand sex-change operations to be offered at elementary schools. You can bet on a slew of new taxes, new wars, and new restrictions on First Amendment rights of all types.

Now we are seeing some names being trial-ballooned for a Biden cabinet. This is the one that I really hope is true.

Sources are telling The Chronicle that Senator Mitt Romney has been asked by the presumptive President-elect Joe Biden to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. He is currently discussing the nomination with his family and is expected to accept the appointment.

Biden advisors expect that Romney — a former management consultant by training and a former CEO of Bain Capital — will be tasked with making the national healthcare system more affordable without legislation that modifies the Affordable Care Act.

One can’t help but note the irony that Romney’s stent at Bain Capital, where he made decisions that led to Barack Obama and Joe Biden accusing him of causing some woman to die of cancer due to his heartless policies, is now a selling point for his appointment to Biden’s cabinet.


Why would Biden do this? He’s not so far towards the rubber room that he doesn’t know that the Democrats pushed him into the White House fraudulently. He knows he has to make some sort of high profile empty gesture to the GOP establishment to get them to go along with the scam. If there is anything that is catnip for the GOPe it is “bipartisanship” and “unity government.” I question why this trial balloon was floated in this particular outlet, but I hope it is true. Why?

To say I loathe Mitt Romney is to engage in the worst sort of British understatement. I was against him when he was running against John McCain in 2008. Think about that for a minute. In 2012, to the best of my belief, I did not write a single pro-Romney post. I just focused on the anti-Obama topic. Which, by the way, kept me quite busy. I was hoping that Romney’s flaccid campaign and his joyous acceptance of loss in 2012 would be sufficient to remove him from GOP politics. But I was wrong.

Since his appointment to the US Senate, he’s been a pompous oleaginous blow-hard who would, to all appearances, rather bash President Trump and his policies than get a haircut-and-blow-dry.


If he does get asked to lead HHS, I have no doubt he’ll take it. And we can hope, hope, (because the governor of Utah is showing himself to be a gutless wonder today) that he will be replaced by either an actual conservative who understands the scope of the problem facing the nation or a placeholder who can be challenged.



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