Is Jack Dorsey a Pathological Liar or Has He Simply Lost All Control Over Twitter

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Yesterday, Twitter honcho Jack Dorsey was testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee where he managed to let the world know that he should not play poker (the breeze generated from his eyelids flickering as he lied would have cooled a smallish apartment building) while he was committing a federal felony:


You can read more on that story here: Jack Dorsey Lies to Ted Cruz in Senate Hearing on Twitter’s Election Interference But Will the Senate Do Anything.

One could, if one ignored Dorsey’s history of boldfaced lies (I’m being charitable here in assuming that he actually knows what is going on in his company) to Congress an to the American people about what Twitter is doing to limit speech that the brigade of SJWs working at Twitter don’t like, give the benefit of a doubt and assume that a directive issued by Dorsey on an issue with national attention had simply not been acted on. But that benefit of the doubt doesn’t seem appropriate in light of what was happening at the same time Dorsey was lying his butt off to Ted Cruz.

Via The Federalist:

Twitter suspended U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan for a post celebrating the success of the U.S. southern border wall keeping violent criminals from reaching American communities.

According to screenshots shared exclusively with The Federalist, Twitter locked Morgan’s account Wednesday afternoon for apparently violating platform rules governing “hateful conduct” after the commissioner attempted to tweet about the wall’s benefits.


This is the statement by Morgan after Twitter unlocked his account:

What riled Twitter up enough to suspend Morgan’s account:

Image via The Federalist

What kind of hate was Hatey McHateface spewing?

Commissioner Morgan was touting the building of the border wall. That wall, built pursuant to Congressional directives issued over the space of years, was classified as hate speech by Twitter. As was pointed out, Twitter was fine with CBP announcing arrests of felons, etc. These tweets are at least as filled with vile hate-filled hate as the wall video:


It is obvious that Dorsey’s word is worthless because it seems like he’s a walking-talking joke inside of Twitter. Nothing he says matters because no one who works for him really cares about what he says. He’s nothing more than an unkempt sockpuppet for whoever it is that is really calling the shots in that company. It is equally obvious that Twitter’s employees believe they have the right to control what senior governmental officials can say about the legal operations of their agencies.

We are at the point with Twitter where it has become obvious that the nation can either continue with its tradition of robust political debate or it can shut Twitter down and send 100% of its employees back to take 10th grade U.S. government classes until they exhibit some rudimentary knowledge about the traditions of the nation in which they live.


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