New York Times International Edition Publishes An Insanely Anti-Semitic Cartoon In Tel Aviv

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It’s been obvious since the regime of Barack Obama that not only was anti-Semitism making a comeback within the Democrat party. When the 2018 election ushered in Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and the Democrat caucus held them up as models to emulate, the became very obvious that anti-Semitism was becoming an integral part of progressive politics. The extent to which anti-Semitism and all its tropes has become baked into progressivism was revealed today by no less than the insanely woke New York Times.

In the opinion section of the international edition of the New York Times, this editorial cartoon appeared.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is portrayed as a dog. Note the Magen David on the dog collar. Oddly enough, the cartoonist decided to use a dachshund for the body. President Trump is portrayed as a blind Jew being led by Netanyahu.

The Times has issued an apology.

But there isn’t much sign that anyone is taking it seriously. After all, how many editors looked at this cartoon and approved it?

Tony Badran of Across the Bay, reminds us that this isn’t unusual behavior for the Times.

If you don’t recall, here is a refresher:

The New York Times was accused of anti-Semitism on Thursday after publishing a list of lawmakers who voted against the Iran deal that included the columns “Jewish?” and “State and estimated Jewish population.” Jewish lawmakers and those who represent a district with a larger Jewish population than the U.S. average were singled out further with a yellow highlight…

There have been outcries across the political spectrum.

Except in the Democrat controlled media:

The sad but unavoidable fact is that because the Democrats have decided their electoral fortunes are improved by wooing American Muslims, the have adopted the whole anti-Israel/BDS mantra. Along with that mantra comes Jew-hatred as surely as night follows day. As we get into the 2020 campaign this is only going to get much worse.

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