Ted Cruz Has Some Great Advice for CNN

As I posted yesterday, CNN spent two days of a growing wave of demonstrations in Iran pointedly ignoring that it was even happening. The reason for this is pretty simple. CNN might as well have been part of the Obama administration and they fluffed relentlessly for the Iran nuclear deal. So if things are going south in Iran, it reflects poorly on Obama and even more poorly on the craven and supine editorial policy they followed for eight years.


I was not alone in noticing this phenomenon:

Correct. When CNN did get around to tweeting on the subject, the storyline was “pro-government demonstrations.” Because this fits very nicely with the narrative CNN was trying to sell.

Then Ted Cruz weighed in:

Spot on.

CNN is acting like a cheerleader for the mullahs in this episode. They are using sources that are bought and paid for by the Iranian government to push the Obama agenda.


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