All It Took Was Donald Trump to Turn This Raging Socialist Into a Freemarketeer

Bernie Sanders was on CNN’s State of the Union this morning. He talked the usual leftwing and anti-Trump smack for most of the show:

Yes, there is a Democrat tsunami coming in 2018.
Yes, it is a moral horror that the Dreamers weren’t given amnesty.
Yes, it would be a constitutional crisis (I have to laugh anytime I hear Sanders or any Democrat talk about the Constitution) if Trump fired Mueller.
Yes, Sanders is afraid Trump is going to fire Mueller.
Yes, if Al Franken had to resign from the Senate, then Donald Trump has to resign from the presidency.
Yes, Donald Trump is evil for bragging about cutting the individual mandate.


In short, it was the same stuff that you can read any day on any leftwing blog or in the media.

Then the question of the tax bill came up.

“Next year, 91% of middle income Americans will receive a tax cut. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Yeah, it is a very good thing. And that’s why we should’ve made the tax cuts for the middle class permanent.

Then, of course, Sanders goes on with his parade of horribles of what happens a decade from now when we go back to Obama administration tax rates.

While I’m encouraged that Sanders has finally realized that the people who earn the money are best qualified to decide how to spend the money, the “yeah, but” thing is just so typical of the #Resistance. Had Obama done this, you can bet Sanders would be reminding everyone that there is no such thing as a “permanent” tax code and the ten-year horizon is statistical and accounting voodoo used to appease various rules Congress has adopted in regards to budgeting. For this tax cut to end in ten years, Congress has to agree to let it end. The odds of that happening are slim. But Trump is the president and what you see here is just exactly the same as what you see on Jerusalem (yeah, but…) or ISIS (yeah, but…) or slashing regulations (yeah, but…).


And so it goes. In a way, I’m rooting for a second term for Trump just because he makes all the right people visibly irrational.


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