Never Bring A Knife and Fake Suicide Belt to a Gunfight. Palestinian Terrorist Douchebag Edition

Some of the images in the videos are graphic. If you think shootings are clean and antiseptic you might not want to look at the videos.

Of Friday, the Palestinians held post-prayer riot and mayhem in accordance with their religious beliefs. In Ramallah, 29-year-old Mohammed Aqal was shot by Israeli Border Police officers and later died of his wounds. This is the video that is being widely shown on Arab television and circulated in pro-terror circles, such as the BDS movement, in the United States.


The way this is framed is that Aqal is backing away from Israeli Border Police, he’s shot, and they basically leave him in the street.

This is up-close and from a different angle.

Here you see Aqal brandishing the knife, you see the Border Patrol officer reacting to having been stabbed. You see Aqal shot. And, most importantly, you see the reason why no one came his aid.

I find it really hard to have any sympathy for either Aqal or the pseudo-culture that spawned him. I’m totally amazed at the fire discipline of the Israelis. If he’d done this in any US city he’d have been shot to rags (not that I’m saying that is a bad thing).

And he may be the inspiration for a new clothing line or men’s fragrance:


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