Professor Triggers False Active Shooter Report at USC


While the tragedy in Las Vegas was being investigated and the nation was attempting to process what had happened, it seemed that lightning might strike twice today:


Those tweets were from the University of Southern California administration in response of a report of an active shooter on campus. It turned out to be a hoax.

A USC professor suffered “some sort of an episode” that caused students to believe there was an active shooter at school, triggering the campus scare and police response on Monday, police said.

LAPD Deputy Chief Phillip Tingirides said the professor, who was not identified, told her students to lock the doors and get on the floor. Then, she began yelling, “active shooter.”


Police searched the area, determined the reports to be wrong and arrested the professor

We still don’t know whether the professor was actually having a psychotic break of some kind or if they were trying to demonstrate a higher level of “woke-ness” to raise the class consciousness of their students. In either case, the person shouldn’t be allowed back on campus.



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