Robert Mueller's Newest Hireling Did Not Donate Money to at Least One Political Party

Robert Mueller's Newest Hireling Did Not Donate Money to at Least One Political Party

FILE - In this April 21, 2016 file photo, attorney and former FBI Director Robert Mueller, right, arrives for a court hearing at the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco. Mueller has been overseeing settlement talks with Volkswagen, the U.S. government and private lawyers. Mueller is being honored with an award from West Point. The U.S. Military Academy’s Association of Graduates will present the Thayer Award to Mueller on Thursday evening, Oct. 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

Yesterday, special counsel Robert Mueller hired yet another lawyer to his team that is investigating just about anything it wants to.

A former U.S. Justice Department official has become the latest lawyer to join special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, a spokesman for the team confirmed.

Greg Andres started on Tuesday, becoming the 16th lawyer on the team, said Josh Stueve, a spokesman for the special counsel.

Most recently a white-collar criminal defense lawyer with New York law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell, Andres, 50, served at the Justice Department from 2010 to 2012. He was deputy assistant attorney general in the criminal division, where he oversaw the fraud unit and managed the program that targeted illegal foreign bribery.

Mueller, who was appointed special counsel in May, is looking into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the election, among other matters. Congressional committees are also investigating the matter.

That Mueller continues to expand his team means the probe is not going to end anytime soon, said Robert Ray, who succeeded Kenneth Starr as independent counsel for the Whitewater investigation during the Clinton administration.

But there is more to Andres than his impeccable credentials. He served in a very high position in the Obama Justice Department. He was not a career Justice attorney, he was appointed and served only two years. He donated to Democrats:

His wife is a Manhattan judge named Ronnie Adams:

Historically, the government ethics guidepost is that it isn’t enough to avoid improper behavior or conflicts of interest, you are obligated to avoid the appearance of misconduct or conflicts of behavior. I couldn’t pick Andres out of a two-man line up but, in an investigation that has as its objective the delegitimizing of the president, bringing on staff in a senior position a guy who served in an appointed position in Holder’s Justice Department, and donated to Democrats, and whose wife was appointed to the bench by the last president stinks to high heaven. It is nearly like Mueller is reacting to the criticism of his previous picks, not by making them scrupulously neutral but by screaming **** you! and mooning his critics.

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