ERICKSON: Priebus's Departure From the White House Is Imminent

At The Resurgent, Erick Erickson is reporting that Reince Priebus’s departure from the White House is imminent.

Nonetheless, two White House sources tell me Reince Priebus’s departure is imminent. The President would like to land Reince somewhere still in government, but regardless has decided to move on. I was not told who the replacement is or even that the President has settled on a replacement. It will not be, despite some rumors, Steve Bannon. One name circulating in the media is lobbyist David Urban, who once served as Chief of Staff to Arlen Specter. Choosing Urban would be bringing the swamp into the White House instead of draining it.

Reince Priebus revived the RNC. He restored its fiscal footing. He dove deep into technological upgrades. He was not successful at pushing aside all the consultant corruption within the GOP campaign machine, but he did his best. He was very open with grassroots and he has always been willing to engage with his critics. I have seen that first hand at several RedState Gatherings.

I also fear that with his imminent departure, his replacement may actually try to shield the President from consistently conservative voices. Though Reince was accused of that, the impression I have is that he worked to connect the President to conservatives.


The report is based on unnamed White House officials which is the gold standard of journalism these days.

Read the whole thing.

There have been rumors of a major staff shakeup coming and Priebus has long been viewed as the odd man out in the daily White House melodrama with no close ties to any of the factions Trump looks to for advice and counsel and apparently he had limited chemistry with Trump. I basically agree with Erick that Priebus is a good guy and pretty damned competent, at least as measured by anyone who has come out of the RNC in the past twenty years or more. The problem is not Priebus being unable to manage a chaotic White House, the underlying problem is that the source of the chaos is the guy at the top. The next guy is not going to fare any better unless Trump changes the way he operates and the odds of that are slim-to-none.

Rick Wilson offers his insights with which I largely agree.



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