BREAKING. Paul Ryan Not Crazy About A Flynn Investigation

I was going to add this to my investigation round-up as a an update but then I decided that is probably merited its own post.

Ryan stopped short of calling for a new investigation of the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia. He noted that the House intelligence committee is already probing Russian interference in the 2016 election. Ryan also said it was reasonable for the Trump administration to pursue warmer ties with Russia as it settles into office.

“I’ve always been a Russia skeptic and hawk. New administrations these days try to get better relations with Russia,” he said, noting that the George W. Bush and Obama administrations both attempted to warm ties to its longtime adversary. “I understand it’s reasonable and rational to try to improve relations with Russia.”


I’m pretty much with Ryan on all of this. The sanctions imposed by Obama on Russia were just a political stinkbomb aimed at the incoming administration to hopefully create a crisis for them. Flynn, assuming he had Trump’s permission, had every right to talk to the Russian ambassador. Why Flynn chose to lie to Pence will remain one of those mysteries for the ages.

What this seems to mean is that despite Adam Schiff splitting a gut screaming about Flynn and Russia, that the House will proceed as it is, that is, the Intelligence Committee will look into Russian meddling in the election and into how the FBI came to release a transcript of Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador.


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