Maryland Teen Beaten At School Sanctioned Anti-Trump Demonstration

If you ever want to live in a communist s**hole, move to Maryland (full disclosure, I’ve been a resident of Maryland for 14 years and have consistently documented the nutbaggery endemic to this state in the blog I founded.) But to fully appreciate the flavor you need to live in Montgomery County where civic virtue is enforced by law and, as it turns out, physical violence.


Maryland public schools have been engaging in an anti-Trump rage-fest since last Tuesday. The staff claim that these student demonstrations are “spontaneous” and aren’t be encouraged but that is just ridiculous. Where do you think the students got the nice printed signs they are carrying? From home?


And students don’t just get up and walk out of class en masse unless the school administration has given them active encouragement and a free pass on their unexcused absence.

No, the education establishment is in an uproar. It was enough of an insult when a Republican, Larry Hogan, was elected governor of their private Talibanistan but the election of Donald Trump was just too much.

As so often happens, when you encourage nitwits to riot and foment hate, bad things happen:

A student is facing assault charges after a student protest of the election of Donald Trump to the presidency turned violent Wednesday.

Hundreds of students from Richard Montgomery High School were carrying signs reading, “Love Trumps Hate,” and chanting near the Rockville courthouse on Maryland Avenue in a protest that began at about 10 a.m. when a 15-year-old boy wearing one of the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again” hats was attacked by about four students.

The group surrounded the teen, punching him repeatedly, then threw him to the ground and kicked him repeatedly in the ribs. It is not yet clear what led up to the incident, but Maj. Michael English with Rockville police said the victim was not the aggressor.

“They jumped him and beat him up pretty bad,” Max Stucky, a bystander who witnessed the attack, told WTOP.


I’m not defending the obvious trolling this kid was doing but supporting a the guy who has been elected president of the United States does not warrant being beaten by a mob of mouthbreathers.

Every time one of these events occurs it is a reminder of who the real enemy of freedom is. It isn’t people who voted for Trump, or even people who opposed Trump. It is people who actually supported Hillary Clinton.



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