Ben Carson: Hey, Ted Cruz Could Be Donald Trump's AG, Put Clinton In Jail, And Then Move To SCOTUS

Caricature by DonkeyHotey
Caricature by DonkeyHotey
Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Wow. Talk about playing six dimensional chess. WITH A BLINDFOLD. AGAINST EIGHT SIMULTANEOUS OPPONENTS.

Ben Carson has a plan for Ted Cruz now that the Texas senator has dropped out of the GOP presidential race: attorney general, then Supreme Court justice under a Trump administration.

When Fox News Radio’s John Gibson asked Carson on Wednesday whether it would be “smart” for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to offer Cruz a position on the Supreme Court, he said yes.

“I think he would be terrific on the Supreme Court, or I think he would be a terrific attorney general. Or he could be both,” Carson said. “He could be attorney general first, you know, go ahead and prosecute Hillary, and then go on the Supreme Court.”

You can listen to the whole interview here. If you voted for Trump you should because Ben Carson has the kind of deep thinking ability that you’re going to find typifies a Trump administration.

To me there are a couple of points that this rather bizarre interview makes that dovetails with what we know about how Trump operates. First, we have to assume this is a legitimate trial balloon wafted aloft by the foul stank-winds of the Trump campaign. I’ve come to believe that Ben Carson is desperately seeking validation from Trump and he wouldn’t say anything that he hadn’t been either cleared or encouraged to say. Having Carson say it, though, gives Trump the ability to walk away from the offer if it become inconvenient. The fact that Trump has floated the possibility of Ted Cruz as a running mate or a Supreme Court justice makes Carson’s statement plausible. This indicates that Trump understands the difficulty he will have as the nominee when about 60% of the GOP opposes him. He is desperate to bring Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz’s organization into his orbit. The most important thing is that he believes that anyone he deals with can be bought. And, I must say, there has been damned little evidence to indicate that he is wrong in that working assumption.

It also underscores what we’ve said a thousand times at RedState. Donald Trump is a Democrat. He believes Republicans are exactly has his Upper West Side friends believe them to be. That is why Trump has never credibly distanced himself from the racist and neo-nazi element that has attached itself to his campaign and comprises his online sturmabteilung, though with all the gayness and none of the cool uniforms. He thinks that an offer to prosecute Hillary Clinton would be attractive to that crazy lyin’ Ted because that is what his Democrat friends believe. If he knew anything at all about conservatives he would know such a weaponization of the Department of Justice, the use of the prosecutorial power of the state to settle political grudges, is anathema to conservatism.

This should be a warning to Senator Cruz, though. This puts him on notice that Trump still considers him a foe and if he can’t be bought he will be destroyed. If Cruz rejects these overtures you can expect Trump to launch another round of attacks on him to make his lack of endorsement of Trump seem like something Trump did not want.