Actually, No. Hillary Clinton Isn't Better Than Donald Trump

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Now that we have destroyed the most qualified and conservative field of GOP presidential candidates in the history of the nation and decided that a lunatic, unstable, Democrat will be our standard-bearer, some Republicans are claiming that Hillary Clinton is a better choice. This thinking is no less deranged than the thinking that Donald Trump will not be a Chernobyl-like disaster, no matter if he wins or loses the election.

A prime example of this fuzzy thinking appears on the FoxNews website.

This desire for control of the presidency, and the belief that any Republican is better than any Democrat, is why many Republicans are now embracing Trump. They claim that the GOP needs to coalesce behind Mr. Trump because he is a better alternative than Hillary Clinton. He is not.

According to the author, Trump has totalitarian tendencies, he’s stoked a dangerous form of populism into a white-hot rage, he’s narcissistic, etc. etc. I don’t disagree with a single word of his critique of Trump. (I must admit looking askance when he claims that Congressional Republicans opposed Obama simply for the sake of opposition rather than adopting Obama’s good ideas. I followed the failed Obama administration very closely and I would argue that Congressional Republicans were nowhere near as vociferous in their opposition as they should have been.) And I remain very firmly #NeverTrump in every respect. But then the author’s own trip to bizarro world starts.

While I disagree with many of Hillary Clinton’s policies, she is clearly qualified to be president. She possesses judgment and self-restraint. She does not have a track record of irrational, risky, and unsound business decisions and public comments. She has a long record of public service. She can be trusted with controlling our military and nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump cannot.

This is simply no more a rational sentiment than saying you will support Trump because he will “Make America Great Again.”

Hillary Clinton’s sole preparation for and only qualification for any office she has held is the fact that she allegedly had sex with Bill Clinton over a period of years. She is an impulsive and vindictive harpy. She is monumentally unsuited to any enterprise whatsoever. Let’s just look at her record for a moment:

Rose Law Firm.
White House travel office.
Illegal use of White House to acquire campaign contributions.
Allowing her grifting brothers access to the federal government to enrich themselves.
Terrorizing Bill Clinton’s harem of former mistresses to keep them quiet and discredit them.
The Clinton Foundation.
Her private email system.
Any public testimony she has given on any subject.
The destruction of US foreign policy and alliances

Where Donald Trump’s business career is an uninterrupted series of failures, the exact same critique applies to Hillary Clinton’s record each and every time she was allowed to actually exert personal authority over anything. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s failure as Secretary of State is the direct causation for the rise of ISIS, the civil war in Syria, and the refugee crisis hitting Europe.

Both Trump and Clinton are evil. Profoundly and irredeemably evil. This is not even a question of choosing a “lesser of two evils.” For sure, there are differences in the nature of their evil. I think Hillary’s is calculated while that it is simply Trump’s nature, but the outcomes are exactly the same.  Trump may be unable to dissociate fact from fiction, Hillary Clinton thinks they are the same thing. Saying that Hillary Clinton is better than Donald Trump is just as stupid as saying that Donald Trump is qualified to be president. He isn’t. She isn’t. Like my colleague, Caleb Howe, I will never cast a vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And we are really f***ed.