New Poll: Hillary Clinton's support among Democrats is collapsing

New Poll: Hillary Clinton's support among Democrats is collapsing

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A new poll out by Monmouth University Polling (this is a pdf) shows that Hillary Clinton’s support has dropped by 18 points since April and by 10 points in the last month alone. Joe Biden, who isn’t officially running, and Bernie Sanders are surging.

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This poll mirrors what other polls are seeing:

rcp democrat poll

what is extraordinary is the way in which disenchantment with and detest for Hillary Clinton are pulling Democrats to any other candidate. (How very like the GOP experience in 2012.) The cognitive dissonance, and the slavish partisanship, of Democrats is really on display in the poll:

Despite losing ground in the new poll, Clinton is still viewed in a positive light by the vast majority of Democratic voters. Her favorability rating has remained stable at 71 percent favorable, 17 percent unfavorable.

What does it say about these people that even as well under half of them favor Hillary as a candidate that 71% of them have a favorable opinion of her? If her favorability rating is that high one would think she would be waddling waltzing her way to a coronation.

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