Have we reached Peak Hillary?

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Perhaps the best sign that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has finally begun to sink under the damage and weight inflicted by non-stop scandals, lies, and ineptitude comes from popular culture.

Katherine Heigl is leaving network TV again. NBC has axed State of Affairs, her Monday night D.C. political thriller.

Despite having a huge lead-in from The Voice, State only averaged 8 million viewers and a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 this season, and that includes seven days of DVR playback.

This series was a rather transparent effort by NBC to fluff a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

On November 17, 2014, NBC, the unofficial propaganda arm of both the White House and the Democratic party, is scheduled to premiere its new weekly drama, State of Affairs. One of the show’s main characters is the president of the United States, who, “for some reason” (a reason that ignores the first-season cancellation of the last woman-president series, ABC’s Geena Davis vehicle Commander in Chief), just happens to be a woman.

Here is the all-important calendar math.

Usually network shows run for a 13-episode season. That means State of Affairs has an excellent chance of airing through mid February 2015. Last week Hillary Clinton stated that she will announce her presidential intentions “after the first of the year.” That timing may or may not be good for the show’s ratings, but what is one television program compared to the future of American progress? Who can calculate, really, how much a show about a decisive woman president and her CIA sidekick who “averts national security threats” will raise our nation’s consciousness? Undoubtedly, this president will answer many 3 a.m. phone calls.

The mid-November launch of State of Affairs is especially odd considering that new fall network shows normally premiere in September or October. The show won’t even get the benefit of a pre-midterm spike of interest in politics.

I don’t know anything about the show. I couldn’t get past the mega-cognitive dissonance of a mostly-hot Katherine Heigl playing a doddering, gravy-infused grandma and trying to gaslight me into believing Clinton was anything other than a disaster and a tool while secretary of state.

Had the Democrat establishment been firmly behind Hillary, NBC would have renewed the series to run through the election season regardless of ratings (if you doubt that, then explain how MSNBC is still on the air). Maybe, just maybe, we’ve reached that tipping point, Peak Hillary, if you will, where everyone has had all the Hillary they can take and she begins to recede into the national subconscious… sort of like Freddy Krueger.