David Plouffe Accuses A 'Delusional Minority' Of Wanting To Hold Him Accountable


As the investigation into what happened at our Benghazi consulate and the actions of the administration following its destruction gathers steam Obama’s minions are trying to delegitimize any questions on the subject.


This Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” the weirdly effeminate David Plouffe labeled anyone concerned about the obvious pattern of lies and obfuscation by the Obama regime as “delusional.”

There was “no conspiracy” behind the White House’s decision not to release an internal email related to Benghazi until this week, but a “very loud, delusional minority” is driving the Republican Party to politicize the issue, former Obama White House senior adviser David Plouffe said today.

Fine. Anyone who believes there was a conspiracy by the White House to not release an internal email is delusional. It wasn’t a conspiracy. It was the policy of the government.

The email in question he refers to is the one Judicial Watch obtained via a lawsuit against the State Department over non-compliance with a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch. This was an email that had not been turned over to Congress pursuant to a request by Darryl Issa’s committee. The question that is of interest to most of us is who in the administration directed that critical information be withheld from the Congress.

What made Plouffe’s appearance on the roundtable so surreal is that David Plouffe was one of the architects of the lie that resulted in a hapless con man being blamed for Benghazi and subsequently jailed.

benghazi email plouffe

In fact, Plouffe’s co-panelist, Laura Ingraham, made it clear that the issue is not some nebulous conspiracy to hide an email but rather a concerted and centrally managed policy of lying to the American public and to Congress about what was known about the Benghazi threat and subsequent attack.


ABC News contributor and syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham criticized the administration for considering politics after the tragedy.

“What we know now from the email is that from the beginning, the administration saw Benghazi as a political problem,” Ingraham said on “This Week.”

“First of all, we have to not forget we have four dead Americans, the U.S. ambassadors’ body was dragged through the streets,” she continued. “It was beyond heartbreaking and beyond infuriating. We still have no one in custody, we have an arrest warrant out, and no one in custody, and in the immediate aftermath, the response was to go political.”

Plouffe did make one good point:

“I think lawyers have spoken to this and it’s out now,” Plouffe, an ABC News contributor, said today on the “This Week” roundtable. “What Benghazi was was a tragedy. What we need to do is figure out how to prevent it from happening again and to try and hold those accountable as we did [Osama] bin Laden. It took a while, but after 11 years we did.”

That is the objective of Representative Gowdy’s committee. Find those responsible for the shameless fabric of lies woven by this lawless and cowardly regime and holding them accountable. And doing it in less than eleven years.




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