Hey, Remember That Time at Summer Camp? Now With Abortion Workshops!

Out: Camp fires and swimming. In: groupthink! Yes, now femisogynists are weaseling their way into the realm of summer camps:

Lots of kids go to summer camp to roast hot dogs and learn how to canoe. Others go to get really good at tennis or to immerse themselves in musical theater. And now, you can go to camp to learn how to be a feminist.


A camp. To learn how to be a feminist. I know, I thought the same thing — who on earth would want to be a feminist, much less attend a camp rife with them? Turns out, it’s the kind of people who actually choose to label themselves and who take some sort of strange pride in being a part of an irrelevant and self-diminishing groupthink.

When Sara Myles, a student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, has trouble launching herself onto a trampoline, she shouts to rev herself up. “I can do this. I’m a feminist!” That declaration is one of the overarching themes of feminist summer camp: declaring one’s feminist status proudly, and then figuring out how to put that pride and energy to use.

Hey, here’s an idea. How about being proud of yourself as, you know, a person? You see, you kind of defeat the purpose when you take actual pride in having a victim mentality and participating in the perpetuation of lies and faux oppression. This line of alleged thinking continues with the workshops that are offered, including the following:

Activists Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards started the program for college students after visiting university campuses around the country and realizing that lots of women’s studies students wanted to work as feminists, but didn’t know where to look for jobs. They planned the week in order to introduce the campers to as many different feminist organizations as possible: They vary from the Guttmacher Institute, which collects statistics about things like the number of abortions performed each year, to Babeland, a female-friendly sex toy shop.


Work as feminists? That’s an actual job now? Well, I suppose we should be grateful that they are finally admitting that. It is a job; feminism is a cottage industry that has nothing to do with actual women. In fact, their entire agenda is harmful to women as their own workshops indicate. Surprise, surprise — abortion is a key study area! Because, remember, you can’t possibly be a feminist if you are an icky pro-life woman who believes that killing babies is not something to be embraced and touted as a way to achieve a corrupted form of equality.

Good old “sexual empowerment” is covered as well via the workshops on sex toys. Either that, or the camp counselors are pervily hoping to see young women at slumber parties having pillow fights in their panties — now with “appliances”! I only hope that they have a workshop on bashing cheerleaders. No feminist camp could be complete without the demeaning of women who aren’t the “right” kind of women!

Once again, feminists prove that they are actually femisogynists who do not have the best interests of women nor womanhood itself at heart. It’s all about perpetuating a victim class and pushing an agenda harmful to all, but particularly damaging to women. Groupthink and self-labeling, good. Individuality, bad.


The entire concept of this “summer camp” is cuckoo pants.  The alleged goal is to teach women to find jobs in the “feminist” field. If they were really concerned about “equality”, why would they pigeonhole young women into jobs that only serve to foster a victim mentality? Shouldn’t the entire goal of actual feminism be that there is no longer a need nor a desire for “feminist” jobs?

But, then, it’s not about empowering women to them, is it? It’s about keeping the Left in power.


H/t Tabitha Hale’s twitter feed

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