SC David Weiss: Case Was Not Just About Addiction but About Illegal Choices Made by Hunter Biden

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We've seen a number of reactions to the guilty verdict rendered in Hunter Biden's Delaware trial on federal gun charges Tuesday morning, including from President Joe Biden himself. 



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Early Tuesday afternoon, Special Counsel David Weiss addressed the media, delivering brief remarks on the case.

During his brief address, Weiss stated: 

While there has been much testimony about the defendant's abuse of drugs and alcohol, ultimately, this case was not just about addiction — a disease that haunts families across the United States, including Hunter Biden's family. This case was about the illegal choices Defendant made while in the throes of addiction: his choice to lie on a government form when he bought a gun and the choice to then possess that gun. It was these choices — and the combination of guns and drugs — that made his conduct dangerous. 

Second, no one in this country is above the law. Everyone must be accountable for their actions, even this defendant. However, Hunter Biden should be no more accountable than any other citizen convicted of this same conduct. 


Weiss made a point to thank prosecutors Leo Wise, Derek Hines, and the entire team who worked on the case, complimenting them for their hard work on the matter before noting that they needed to get back to work and declining to take any questions from the media. 


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Weiss's office is also prosecuting Hunter Biden in California for tax evasion in a case that is now set to go to trial on September 5, though it was originally slated for June 20. Will Hunter and his legal team reconsider taking that case to trial in light of Tuesday's conviction? One suspects they just might.  


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