RedState Weekly Briefing: Mystery Cocaine, Mumbled Meetings, Miranda's Meltdown

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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

#1 – Dan Bongino Says Secret Service Agents Are Furious and ‘Know’ Who’s Behind the Cocaine — by Bonchie 

One of the things that Bongino says that’s not transcribed above is that the West Wing is a totally different ballgame than the East Wing. Almost all the tours happen in the latter part of the White House, which is why the story about it being found in the library was immediately spun as proof it was a tourist.

When it was finally confirmed it was found at the West Executive Entrance, though, that changed things. Suddenly, the list of possible suspects narrowed dramatically, and still, we are to believe the Secret Service just couldn’t figure it out.


Tucker Carlson at Turning Point ACTCON. (Credit: Real America’s Voice)

#2 – Pure Gold: Tucker Unleashed Just Demolishes the WH Cocaine Story — by Nick Arama 

Are you serious? In the Biden White House, somebody left an eight-ball of cocaine…I was like, I said to my wife, it’s just not in character, you know? I just don’t believe it. It’s clearly a setup,” he joked. “I went right back to Marion Barry, and I was like, ‘Somebody set you up.’” He just giggled uproariously.

“That was my favorite story of all time,” Carlson continued. “Because it just explains all the behavior. It really does. I worked in the media business my whole life, so I know what the behavior looks like. But it’s like crazed and grandiose, ‘I’ve got a plan; you’re not going to believe it! It’s unbelievable! It’s going to totally work!’” Then he started wiping his nose the way a cocaine user might. “What we’re going to do is…we’re gonna…we’re gonna totally rearrange everything! We’ve been doing things a certain way for a long time, okay? And it’s worked! But I’ve got a better plan!” “And that’s their entire approach!” he finished.



Joe Biden becomes incoherent while meeting with Israel’s president (7/18/23). (Credit: Twitter/Fox News)

#3 – Biden Deteriorates Rapidly During Meeting With Israeli President — by Bonchie

Regardless, that’s not the part of the clip that has everyone talking. After the US president made the aforementioned comment, he started to mumble as he stared at his lap, and while I’d like to think I’ve gotten good at “speaking Biden” over the years of covering his public appearances, I simply can’t translate what’s on that video.

It’s concerning, to say the least. You’ve got the representative for a close US ally sitting across from Biden and he can’t even make eye contact with the man, much less finish his statement in a way that could be understood. It’s as if his brain has to reboot before he can continue.


Miranda Lambert
Country singer Miranda Lambert scolds fans during Las Vegas concert for taking selfies, July 15, 2023, (Credit: TikTok user “redneckinvegas.”)

#4 – WATCH: Bizarre Miranda Lambert Mini-Meltdown During Concert Had Some Fans Walking Out — by Sister Toldjah 

Both Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are trending on Twitter as I write this, with some saying maybe this type of behavior is one reason why Shelton’s marriage to Lambert didn’t last. I don’t know enough about Lambert to speculate and even if I did it wouldn’t be my business.

But what I do know is that people go to concerts to have a good time and to blow off some steam. Why should they be shamed for wanting to take pictures of their time there? It just makes no sense unless there was something else going on that isn’t being reported.



Disney Florida
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File

#5 – Disney Finds out It Doesn’t Pay to Go Woke, as They Face Big Trouble — by Nick Arama 

While part of the problem may be pricing, they are also alienating a significant part of the public with woke moves; you’re cutting the number of people willing to go and plunk down that money. But Disney built itself originally on being a “family” place and family entertainment. If people don’t think that’s what you are anymore, they aren’t going to come.

So just like Bud Light and Target, Disney is painting itself into a corner. When you don’t pay attention to your customers, your customers are going to tell you what they think — with their feet, walking away from your brand.



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