RedState Weekly Briefing: Leftists Behaving Badly and Painful Truths

Antifa scuffles with police at "Babies Lives Matter" rally in Santa Monica. (Credit: N2S Contributor Jake Lee Green)

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Antifa scuffles with police at “Babies Lives Matter” rally in Santa Monica. (Credit: N2S Contributor Jake Lee Green)

#1 – Antifa Targets ‘Babies Lives Matter’ Rally, Police Let Them Know That Wasn’t a Good Idea — by Nick Arama 

I guess you’re not allowed to be anti-abortion or want to protect kids or the Antifa crowd will try to shut you down. Funny, that sounds kind of — fascist — when you try to shut down the opinion of others and believe that your own opinion is the only one that should be allowed.

But they found out that things don’t go well when you try to scuffle with the police. This News2share clip shows Antifa dressed in black bloc after they tried to get up in the face of the anti-abortion folks. The police were trying to separate the two groups and that’s when it got out of hand with Antifa pushing back against the cops. Police had their batons and used them to help move the Antifa folks back, pushing some of them to the ground.


Clown Car

#2 – Director of Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh Smear Group Begs for Mercy After Releasing Confidential Documents — by Streiff

What the documents showed were two things. First, there is no widespread support for Fix the Court. In 2021, it received just over $290,000. Of that amount, $286,000 came from two grants: the previously mentioned $111,000 from the New Venture Fund and  $175,000 from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. In 2022, Fix the Court pulled in nearly $196,000. The three main contributors ponied up $185,000. The climate alarmist Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave $50,000, the Lebowitz-Aberly Family Foundation donated $35,000, and the big loser was the Weinberg McCann Foundation which was tapped for $100,000.

Why do I say big loser? Well, of the $486,000 Fix the Court has raised in the last two years, $242,000 went to its executive director as salary. In 2022, $162,000 of the $195,000 raised went into Mr. Roth’s pocket. As a result, Fix the Court looks much more like a jobs program for one guy with a website than a non-profit.



AP/Reuters Feed Library

#3 – San Francisco Reporter Angered by Dave Chappelle Telling the Truth About San Francisco — by Jerry Wilson

Gentile also whines about Chappelle being insensitive to the homeless. This attacking the messenger bit falls short, when one considers that—strange though it may seem—no known cases exist of anyone volunteering their domicile for a civilian reenactment of the Doctor Zhivago scene, in which the good doctor returns home after World War I’s conclusion only to discover said home was now governmentally decreed to be a squatters’ paradise.

In short, Gentile’s puerile screed is a litany of the usual complaints about how Chappelle is Mephistopheles incarnate for not bending a knee to the alphabet mafia. Also, words are violence, or something. Gentile uses this as an excuse to ignore Chappelle’s comments on San Francisco’s rotting (in some cases literally) condition. The only unlodged charge is Chappelle leaving the toilet seat up, although given his demonstrated knowledge of how things work, this is due to his expertise regarding which restroom to use.


Greg Gutfeld
Screenshot via Fox News

#4 – Greg Gutfeld Hits It out of the Park on the Durham Report and What It Means — by Bonchie 

What Gutfeld says is an idea I’ve shared many times in the past. Namely, that Democrats have convinced themselves that “democracy” is in such danger that they should be allowed to violate the tenets of “democracy” in order to save it. As paradoxical as that sounds, that’s exactly the logic that has permeated the left.

Think about the 2012 election. Harry Reid literally leaked “information” that was supposedly from the IRS showing that Mitt Romney wasn’t paying federal income taxes. In the end, that was proven to be completely false, and all Reid had to say for himself was that his ploy “worked.” It seems quaint now in comparison to what has transpired over the last decade, but that was a preview of what was to come.



Joe Biden addresses the Howard University Commencement. Credit: RNC Research.

#5 – Biden Exploding Over Border Failures, Unable to Sit Still at Howard Commencement — by Nick Arama 

Biden insisted he wasn’t saying it because he was at a “black HBCU.” Of course, he wasn’t. And Joe, “black” is already in “HBCU” (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Doesn’t he know that, or does he not even understand what “HBCU” stands for?

But perhaps one of the weirdest moments at the commencement where Biden appeared to be unable to sit still. I can’t even tell you what it looked like he was doing at one point to some people. He seemed very uncomfortable and was moving around, not paying any attention to the speaker, which was just rude.


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