Greg Gutfeld Hits It out of the Park on the Durham Report and What It Means

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In the aftermath of the John Durham report sits the smoldering ruins of what little credibility the FBI still possessed. Top federal law enforcement officials took unverified intelligence fed to them by the Hillary Clinton campaign and turned that into a years-long, unjustified witch hunt against Donald Trump.


That was the story after Durham’s long-awaited conclusions were finally released to the public. But did the report reveal something even broader about Democrat malfeasance? Something that goes beyond just the FBI? I think so, and Greg Gutfeld addressed that on Monday evening to great effect.

What Gutfeld says is an idea I’ve shared many times in the past. Namely, that Democrats have convinced themselves that “democracy” is in such danger that they should be allowed to violate the tenets of “democracy” in order to save it. As paradoxical as that sounds, that’s exactly the logic that has permeated the left.

Think about the 2012 election. Harry Reid literally leaked “information” that was supposedly from the IRS showing that Mitt Romney wasn’t paying federal income taxes. In the end, that was proven to be completely false, and all Reid had to say for himself was that his ploy “worked.” It seems quaint now in comparison to what has transpired over the last decade, but that was a preview of what was to come.


When Trump burst onto the scene, Democrats (and some on the right) saw a man that threatened their power structures, the power structures they had built and relied on to enrich themselves. From there, they built the former president up into an ever-enlarging devil that must be defeated. It was never justified, but abuses of power rarely if ever are.

The same attitude spilled over into the broader public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Left-wingers in government decided it was their duty to “protect” the public by lying to them. So they lied about masks, they lied about social distancing, and they lied about the vaccines. Doing so cost thousands (perhaps millions) of people their jobs and freedom. Did anyone apologize? Of course, not. After all, they were just protecting you.

But a democratic republic can’t be treated that way and still remain one. If one side decides the other side is too dangerous to allow freedom of choice to maintain, then it’s all over but the crying. That’s exactly what Democrats have done and continue to do. Even today, you’ll still routinely hear left-wing politicians proclaim they must violate democratic norms to save the country. From packing the Supreme Court to taking away property rights from landlords. It’s unsustainable, and unless it changes, America will continue to decline into a European-esque dumpster.


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