Moore to the Point - Yeah, but YOUR Extremists Are Way Worse

On Tuesday, the House held a subcommittee hearing titled “‘Mostly Peaceful’: Countering Left-Wing Organized Violence.” In it, witnesses, including former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, and Townhall Senior Writer Julio Rosas, testified primarily about incidents of left-wing violence.


As it often goes, the Congress critters took partisan turns – with the Republicans highlighting issues with left-wing political violence and the Democrats yowling about how it’s right-wing extremism that poses the most serious threat to the homeland. (Yes, I’m biased, but the Dems always seem more hissy to me.) Back and forth – it’s left-wingers; no, it’s right-wingers; your bad guys are way worse than ours.

I couldn’t help but wonder at what it ultimately accomplishes. We know most congressional hearings are for show – a chance primarily for representatives and senators to grandstand and get their soundbites in rather than edify themselves or get to the heart of issues and find actual, workable solutions.

But what’s the ultimate point of framing violence as a left vs. right debate? Is the idea that violence of one sort is acceptable and needn’t be addressed? That violence prompted by certain ideologies is justified? Or is it that whichever “side” has the worst or most violence can be discredited and silenced?


This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, May 17th. Audio included below.



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