Moore to the Point - When Hunter's Your Minder...

Hunter Biden hasn’t exactly cultivated a reputation for being the most responsible chap. The well-documented drug abuse, the affair with his brother’s widow, the love child he fathered with an Arkansas stripper yet won’t acknowledge, the abandonment of a laptop chock full of X-rated images and emails detailing shady business dealings, the tossing of an illegally-possessed firearm into a random dumpster – none of these paints a picture of the sort of fellow you want in charge of the nuclear football – or in charge of the dude who’s in charge of the nuclear football.


And yet, the scandal-ridden scion is currently serving as Joe Biden’s minder while he’s overseas in Ireland. Setting aside the multiple questions – and eyebrows – raised by the inclusion of Hunter and Joe’s sister, Valerie, on the trek, this time last year, we were shaking our heads over Joe being shepherded by the Easter Bunny. I wasn’t sure that imagery could ever be topped.

But now we have Hunter translating kids’ questions about the key to success for old Joe, and Joe offering a meandering dose of 1970s Senate nostalgia sure to resonate with a youngster whose parents likely weren’t even alive back then. The one thing I’ll say is Hunter appears to be more lucid than the Big Guy, but when he’s the brains of the operation, Heaven help us all.

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, April 14th. Audio included below.


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