Moore to the Point - The Desperation...Tastes Like Chicken

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, October 24th. Audio included below.

I’m not sure who will be more disappointed when the eventual day comes that Donald Trump is no longer the face of the Republican Party – those who adore him? Or those who hate him? It’s hard not to notice the rather ample portion of the population who seem to be fueled by their disdain for the Bad Orange Man.


It’s also hard not to notice the attempts to paint him the Devil incarnate and thus, anyone who declines to vocally despise him, evil by association. This, of course, includes any Republican candidates who even hint at not being milquetoast doormats for the Democrats.

Which brings me to Ron DeSantis – it’s no secret that Florida’s governor is thought by many to be the heir apparent to Trump – someone who embodies many of Trump’s strengths without quite so many of his character flaws. And also, someone who the media has determined must be destroyed before it’s too late.

They’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him so far, but the latest takes the cake – or maybe chicken? You see, according to the Financial Times, a “friend” claims that DeSantis, in college, would say “thigh food” rather than “Thai food” to see if dates would correct him. Whether this was indeed a test, a joke, or simple mispronunciation, if that’s the best they’ve got to squawk about, I’d say their political goose is cooked.



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