Moore to the Point - Nobody Puts Biden in a Corner

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, October 7th. Audio included below.

President Biden had a “hot mic moment” on Wednesday when he was overheard telling the mayor of Fort Myers Beach that “No one…(messes) with a Biden” – only, in non-FCC-friendly language. It wasn’t the coarseness of the language that got folks talking so much as it was the premise.


To the extent we’re talking about foreign adversaries, I wish that were the case. But coming on the heels of OPEC’s decision to cut oil output by two million barrels a day, Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats, and Kim Jong-un’s aggressive missile launches, it seems that perhaps some quarters of the world haven’t gotten Joe’s memo.

On the other hand, the President’s domestic adversaries – otherwise known as political opponents – will receive swift retribution for daring to challenge his administration – or the preferred narrative of the day. Challenge your local school board? Get labeled a domestic terrorist. Protest outside an abortion clinic? Get a visit from the FBI. Question the 2020 election? Get your phone confiscated. Ask a pressing question as a journalist? Get shooed out of the room. Dare to support Biden’s predecessor? Well, you’re a semi-fascist threat to democracy, you monster!

Indeed – no one (at least no American) puts Biden in a corner – other than perhaps wandering Joe himself.



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