Joe Biden Holds Shocking Abortion 'Task Force' Meeting, Trashes Press Corps


Has there ever been another administration as openly ghoulish as the Biden administration? You’d be hard-pressed to find a contender given how absolutely insane the president’s social policy has been. From promoting the mutilation of children to openly pushing racism in schools, abject insanity is a good descriptor of what we’ve seen.


Of course, there has been no bigger example of that than the issue of abortion, and predictably, Biden and his handlers have pushed the bounds of radicalism. On Tuesday, the White House held a roundtable (or a square-table, to be more accurate) for its “abortion task force,” and the results were downright shocking.

The money quote came from Miguel Cardona, who runs the Department of Education. In a jaw-dropping moment, he actually argued that school children need abortions “to thrive in school and in life.”

I’m trying to imagine what could possibly possess a supposedly normal human being to promote abortion for school-age children, and I’m coming up blank other than just being pure evil. It’s unfathomable, and it shows depravity rooted so deep that it is downright disturbing. That these are the people running our federal government and making decisions that directly affect our kids should terrify all Americans.

The Biden administration has no boundaries because it is run by the most extreme, far-left elements of the nation. While the president has never been a moderate himself, the driving force for this stuff comes from the think tanks and shadowy figures that actually control things as Biden barely remains conscious half the time. There will be no course correction or waking up to any semblance of decency. The commitment to murderous, totalitarian progressivism is absolute.


But I digress, on a slightly lighter note, after the “abortion task force” adjourned, Biden decided to trash the press corps as they were forced out of the room.

This wannabe tyrant who gives an interview every four months at best sure does hate the news industry, doesn’t he? That despite the fact that 95 percent of the press corps worships the ground he walks on for purely partisan reasons. Yet, even the slightest amount of pushback sets Biden off. That’s how weak and sheltered he is as president.

But what’s more pathetic is that despite the White House’s war on the press, almost all of its members will still line up to do Biden’s bidding. He can spit in their face and talk to them like they are animals, and they won’t care because politics is more important than journalism. In that sense, I guess you have to respect the disrespect. Biden knows he can get away with it so what does he care how he comes across? Meanwhile, the rest of us suffer from the arrangement.



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