Moore to the Point - Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, August 17th. Audio included below.

As summer winds down, Americans are wrapping up their vacations (at least, those who could afford vacations this year). That includes President Biden, who’s officially been on vacation in South Carolina since last Wednesday.


On Tuesday afternoon, he was scheduled to return to the White House long enough to sign the farcically named “Inflation Reduction Act” into law, before heading off to Delaware for…more vacation – though it’s not clear for how long, particularly given the news that Jill Biden has now come down with COVID and will need to remain in South Carolina to isolate.

Even when he’s not “officially” on vacation-vacation, Biden takes lots of mini-vacations in Delaware. But hey – at least he’s not golfing, usually. That would be way too Trump-y.

I don’t begrudge Biden a vacation at all – particularly on the heels of a weeks-long bout with COVID himself. He’s 79 and seems like he could use the break. But, quite frankly, we all could – a break from his verbal gaffes, his foreign policy blunders, and his abysmal domestic policies. The problem is, even when he’s on vacation, the bad policies roll on. We get no vacation from this administration.



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