Democrats Go Silent When Asked When the Inflation Reduction Bill Will Reduce Inflation

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It would appear any politician who voted for the Inflation Reduction Act in the hope of reducing inflation got played because the Democrats that created and pushed for its passage can’t seem to answer when the bill they passed will do what the name says it will do.


But they’re excited to tell you just how great it is for the environment.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that the White House was directly asked when we can begin seeing inflation begin to ease. The response was less than satisfactory, and it was only made worse by what they assured us it would do:

In response to a request from Fox News Digital on Tuesday, the White House did not immediately provide economic modeling showing when the bill will begin to significantly impact overall inflation — which sits at 8.5% over a year ago as of July. It did not immediately respond to a follow-up question about whether it had developed an estimate showing by how much it would curb price increases.

The White House is nevertheless pushing back against the criticisms that the bill won’t do what its name suggests. It cites experts, including the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which say the bill overall will have a “deflationary” effect. It also points to tax credits for green energy that will go into effect immediately and health policies that go into effect at the start of 2023 as measures that will save Americans money.


Asking Democrats will get you the same answer. Fox News reported that Democrats more or less had the same answer that revolved around saying that they “hoped” the effects would kick in right away and then directed you to the shiny environment tax credits for green energy.

The Democrat’s answer was best represented by Rep. Jamie Raskin dismissed the question out of hand and without comment:

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., said he hopes the bill will provide immediate relief to Americans. But he didn’t detail when or how that would happen.

“As soon as the act goes into effect, I hope that all of the provisions will begin to work,” Raskin said. “I know that those who have been blaming President Biden for the inflation going up are now giving President Biden all of the credit for inflation going down.”

Asked which parts of the bill will work quickly to reduce inflation, Raskin said, “Next question.”

As even socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont pointed out, there’s nothing in the Inflation Reduction Act that would actually help reduce inflation. The CBO report showed that this bill would do little to nothing to reduce the swelling and would actually cause more of it, yet Democrats seem less concerned about that to the point of not even wanting to talk about it.


What the bill does do is infuse the IRS with billions of dollars and hire an army of IRS agents with the primary task of “enforcement.” Interestingly, Democrats didn’t seem to want to mention that about the bill either.

It’s pretty clear that the Democrats have, once again, used a crisis to push their own agenda. Anyone who actually bought into the promises that it would help the economy, especially Republicans, are fools.


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