RedState Weekly Briefing: Dems' Temerity, Nan's Insincerity, Macron's Clarity

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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

Capitol Breach Investigation
Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

#1 – More Implosion of Hutchinson’s J6 Claims as Adam Schiff Steps in It Big Time on CNN — by Nick Arama

Burnett asked Schiff if he had any concerns that the story wasn’t true, and he said he believed Hutchinson.

I have a question for Schiff, now that Hutchinson’s story is crashing and burning: how did the Committee find out about her story and/or who was involved in “finding out” this story? Was she prepped in any way?

Schiff needs to be put on under oath, asked about, and investigated, for his many lies, when the Republicans take back power.


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#2 – Pelosi’s Response About Pushing Mayra Flores’ Daughter Makes It Worse — by Nick Arama 

So, I have a few issues with this explanation. First, by shoving her to the side, she’s pushing her further out of the picture. If you wanted to make sure she got in the picture, you might say, “Honey, move in the front so you can get in the picture.” Not shove her. Yet, the girl wasn’t behind her, so the explanation doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Second, why is she touching the child at all, much less with a rude elbow shove? She seems to think she’s just entitled to touch the child much less give her a shove. Since when?



Rep. Jamie Raskin on CNN. Credit: CNN/Twitter

#3 – Things Get Awkward When Jake Tapper Asks Jamie Raskin for Confirmation of Hutchinson’s Story — by Nick Arama

Then Hutchinson claimed to the Committee that she had written a note for former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, which Trump lawyer Eric Herschmann said he wrote. Herschmann had previously testified to the Committee that he wrote the note. They couldn’t keep that straight, either. But perhaps what most undercut her was that Secret Service agent Tony Ornato reportedly said he hadn’t spoken to her and that it hadn’t happened. He was also joined by Bobby Engel — the other agent in question — and Engel also reportedly was ready to testify that it didn’t happen.

It would be horrible if the Committee never even bothered to corroborate the story before throwing it out in public and once again, trying to smear Trump. But the Secret Service has also said exactly that — that the Committee never contacted them to confirm it after the Committee heard it from Hutchinson. Further, the Secret Service said their agents were ready to testify but hadn’t been called back. So, the Committee doesn’t seem anxious to put the agents back on the stand. Why? Because their narrative would get blown out?



APTOPIX Germany G7 Summit
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#4 – France’s Emmanuel Macron Drops Truth on Joe Biden About His Insane Energy Policies — by Bonchie 

When Macron is having to step in as a voice of reason, you know the US has fallen far off its once-lofty perch. Joe Biden is singularly responsible for that decline, and even in the face of a world-energy shortage that is sending economies into turmoil and could possibly cost millions of lives due to exposure and food shortages, the president is as aloof as ever.

Biden’s grand plan to fix everything to this point, as you pay $5 or a gallon of gas? To beg the Saudis and Emiratis to produce more oil halfway across the globe. But as Macron notes, they are already at or near capacity. You can only squeeze so much juice out of a lemon. Refining capacity is also another bottleneck that the president refuses to address. These are facts that any president who isn’t a senile old coot should be well aware of, yet it’s left up to the French president to enlighten him. Worse, it doesn’t even appear Biden was able to process what was said to him. Again, it’s just embarrassing to witness.


Adam Schiff
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

#5 – Adam Schiff Hardest Hit as Bad News for Capitol Riot-Obsessed Dems Gets Even Worse — by Sister Toldjah


In fact, just this week Democrats utterly embarrassed themselves by showcasing the supposed “bombshell” testimony of a “witness” who actually hadn’t witnessed anything at all, and key parts from her third-hand story are reportedly about to get debunked by Secret Service agents.

Who knew that after four years of routine “walls are closing in” nothing-burgers from rabidly partisan Democrats like Schiff who often promised big but always failed to deliver (and who continue to do so) that majorities have grown weary of that type of empty rhetoric and game-playing and are more interested in issues that impact their families and their bottom lines?


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