France's Emmanuel Macron Drops Truth on Joe Biden About His Insane Energy Policies

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A sea of mediocrity is currently flowing in Germany as the G7 leaders, including Joe Biden, have come together to once again virtue signal climate change and abortion, while generally making your life worse. As usual, there will be lots of tone-deaf pictures and statements, while zero real-world problems are solved. That’s the G7 in a nutshell.


But even among the Eurotrash that makes up most of the nations present, there’s only so much they can take in terms of the massive oil crunch hitting the globe. On that topic, France’s Emmanuel Macron decided to drop some truth on Biden about his insane energy policies. It was one of those moments where you can only be embarrassed that even the French have a better handle on reality than the US president.


When Macron is having to step in as a voice of reason, you know the US has fallen far off its once-lofty perch. Joe Biden is singularly responsible for that decline, and even in the face of a world-energy shortage that is sending economies into turmoil and could possibly cost millions of lives due to exposure and food shortages, the president is as aloof as ever.

Biden’s grand plan to fix everything to this point, as you pay $5 or a gallon of gas? To beg the Saudis and Emiratis to produce more oil halfway across the globe. But as Macron notes, they are already at or near capacity. You can only squeeze so much juice out of a lemon. Refining capacity is also another bottleneck that the president refuses to address. These are facts that any president who isn’t a senile old coot should be well aware of, yet it’s left up to the French president to enlighten him. Worse, it doesn’t even appear Biden was able to process what was said to him. Again, it’s just embarrassing to witness.

Further, just to put the finishing touches on this masterpiece of stupidity, Biden spent the last two years trashing the Saudis and snuggling up to Iran. That means that even if the Saudis had more production capacity (they don’t have enough to matter), they likely wouldn’t offer it to us anyway. That’s how idiotic the president’s foreign policy has been. For 50 years, this absolute mental midget has bungled every single major geopolitical question, and it’s no great shock he’d screw this up as well.


Meanwhile, back in the United States, places like North Dakota, Texas, and Alaska are sitting on mountains of oil reserves just waiting to be tapped. Instead of begging Islamofascist dictatorships for oil, we should be using our own domestic supply to own the world oil market. Biden doesn’t want to do that, though, because it would run up against his green agenda, and we can’t have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez getting upset, can we? That means you get to suffer while he hobnobs in Germany, doing nothing to actually help everyday Americans.

Canceled pipelines, frozen oil leases, and record energy prices. That’s Biden’s lasting legacy, and he can’t run from it. Hopefully, he pays a heavy price in November and in 2024.


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