Liz Cheney Quickly Moves on to Her Next Con After Secret Service Confirms Agents Ready to Testify

Yesterday’s “emergency” hearing by the January 6th committee was the worst yet, and I don’t mean for those who were accused of fomenting an insurrection during it. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide, made several claims under oath that were debunked within hours, with the committee taking another blow to its already non-existent credibility in the process.


The supposed “bombshell” was a wild tale about a 74-year-old Trump fighting through two secret service agents and grabbing the steering wheel in order to try to get to the Capitol. As I said at the time, even if that were true, what exactly does it prove? Is there evidence Trump wanted to go there to enact a coup? He had just encouraged people to go there to peacefully protest. Wouldn’t it make more sense that he wanted to go there to help lead said peaceful protest?

Regardless, the steering wheel claim wasn’t true because these types of ridiculous allegations about Trump are almost never true. To further prove that, we now have official word from the US Secret Service spokesman that the agents involved are ready to testify.

Not shockingly, the lies didn’t stop there. Hutchinson also claimed to have written a note regarding Trump making a statement about the January 6th riot. In reality, it was written by Eric Herschmann, a White House lawyer. He has now spoken publicly about his prior testimony confirming that.


So to recap, there were three “bombshells” in yesterday’s testimony. Two of them have been debunked and the third, that AR-15s were present in the crowd, has no evidence to back it and is so absurd and impossible as to be laughable. What a roaring success, right?

But don’t be fooled. This is exactly what Liz Cheney and the rest of the dishonest hacks on the committee wanted. They don’t care that they put a liar under oath and had her repeat a bunch of easily disproven nonsense. The goal here was to garner headlines that will now become part of the collective psyche. No one will remember the debunkings, mostly because they won’t even be largely reported.

In fact, instead of calling the Secret Service agents involved to testify so they can set the record straight, Cheney is already moving on to her next con. Again, she doesn’t care that the committee was lied to because those lies helped her narrative. That was her goal.


We’ve reached the point where I can only assume Cheney is a psychopath. Nothing matters but destroying Trump, and she doesn’t care how many ethical walls she has to bust through like the Kool-aid man to accomplish that.

It’s very uncomfortable to witness, not just because Cheney and company are terrible people, but because Congress is being abused in a way that will have profoundly negative consequences long after these hearings are finally shuttered. I don’t know how the House comes back from this as far as credibility goes.


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