Things Get Awkward When Jake Tapper Asks Jamie Raskin for Confirmation of Hutchinson's Story

Rep. Jamie Raskin on CNN. Credit: CNN/Twitter

As we’ve reported, Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the Jan. 6 Committee has continued to unravel. Her testimony about being told President Donald Trump grabbed the wheel of The Beast was contradicted by the Committee’s claim it happened in the Suburban. The Committee couldn’t keep the story straight.


Then Hutchinson claimed to the Committee that she had written a note for former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, which Trump lawyer Eric Herschmann said he wrote. Herschmann had previously testified to the Committee that he wrote the note. They couldn’t keep that straight, either. But perhaps what most undercut her was that Secret Service agent Tony Ornato reportedly said he hadn’t spoken to her and that it hadn’t happened. He was also joined by Bobby Engel — the other agent in question — and Engel also reportedly was ready to testify that it didn’t happen.

It would be horrible if the Committee never even bothered to corroborate the story before throwing it out in public and once again, trying to smear Trump. But the Secret Service has also said exactly that — that the Committee never contacted them to confirm it after the Committee heard it from Hutchinson. Further, the Secret Service said their agents were ready to testify but hadn’t been called back. So, the Committee doesn’t seem anxious to put the agents back on the stand. Why? Because their narrative would get blown out?

So on Wednesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Jan. 6 Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) what corroboration the Committee had before they threw this out to the public. Raskin’s response was something to behold. Tapper tries to do everything he can to tee up softballs for Raskin, even saying that he was sure that Ornato told Hutchinson the story (you might want to rethink that one, Jake). But, it would be hard to have a more stumbling response than the one Raskin offered. He had no corroboration. What a pitiful performance this was from him.


Here are Raskin’s remarks, interspersed with the media reports about what Bobby Engel and Tony Ornato are allegedly saying.

Raskin says he wasn’t involved in any of the interviews so he “can’t say.” As a Committee member putting out this “bombshell” information from Hutchinson, you don’t know what you already have? The answer is then you have nothing. This is worse than the evasion from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) the day before because it confirms they couldn’t even be bothered to confirm what they had. He claims he’s “not aware” of anything that contradicts the account he gave. But it would also appear he’s not aware of anything that supports it, either.

Raskin claims that anyone who wants to can come forward and testify.


But, that’s not true; the Committee has to ask them. The agents have said they are ready and willing. So, why isn’t the Committee calling them? Why is it playing this game, as though the agents and the Secret Service haven’t communicated what they have?



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