RedState Weekly Briefing: Biden Protected, Disney Rejected

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#1 – Joe Biden’s Daughter Steps in to Save Him After He Loses It on a Reporter — by Bonchie

Apparently, Biden’s daughter and granddaughter realized that because they eventually stepped in to rescue the beleaguered president, telling the reporters that they couldn’t ask any more questions.

It’s crazy to see his daughter step behind him, waving her hands, saying “no more” while Biden is still talking. They treat him as if he’s totally out of it and unaware of his surroundings, probably because he is totally out of it and unaware of his surroundings. Could you imagine Ivanka Trump doing that to Donald Trump? Or Barack Obama’s daughters telling him when he can speak while he addressed reporters? It’s awkward and it’s not normal. Presidents who still possess their right minds are not treated like this.


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#2 – Disney Arrives at a Crossroads After ‘Lightyear’ and Its Lesbian Kiss Flop — by Bonchie 

Understand that these types of flicks, aimed at kids and part of long-standing, huge blockbuster franchises, are supposed to print money. They are the safest bets in Hollywood, and that “Lightyear” hasn’t done well is genuinely surprising. Even with the cultural controversy, most expected it to still put up good numbers.

That’s not happening, though, and there’s every reason to believe the in-your-face actions of Disney culturally have everything to do with it. Parents have a right to decide what they want to expose their children to. They have a right to instill their values, including those undergirded by religion, and many are choosing to exercise that right.



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#3 – Disney Stock Has Tumbled Nearly 50 Percent as Audiences Turn Away — by Brandon Morse 

Disney might be surprised but fans aren’t. Their mishandling of popular brands like Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar has caused fans to shrug them off. Entire YouTube channels have created popular videos dissecting the failure of each, and while each of them may reach various conclusions as to how it got there the ultimate consensus is that the story writing has suffered greatly.

It has, but those paying attention will know that the reason the stories have suffered is that leftist politics has infected everyone from Disney’s brass to their writing staff.


Tucker Carlson
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#4 – Tucker Carlson Exposes Ashley Biden’s Diary and the President’s Politicization of the FBI — Bonchie 

Carlson opens by pointing out one of the most salacious charges in the diary, which is that the current president once showered with his daughter, causing her to have sexual compulsion issues later in life. And to be clear, the diary is real. The New York Times confirmed that in a report late last year, which means the only defense here is that Biden’s daughter is lying.

But whether she is or not seems rather immaterial to the lack of coverage, right? Imagine that Ivanka Trump had written a diary entry accusing Donald Trump of what seems awfully close to molestation. Don’t you think reporters might be asking questions about that? Don’t you think there’d be further investigations into the matter to see if the claims are true and how far the inappropriate behavior went? Yet, the media, including the hard news side of Fox News, has completely blacked out the story, pretending the revelations never happened.



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#5 – Biden Fell off His Bike but WH Deputy Press Sec Just Made It All Worse — by Nick Arama

Biden — in his nasty way — generally won’t even call President Donald Trump by his name when he refers to Trump. You may have picked up on this, he refers to him as “the former guy” or some other similar term. The “former guy” is the leftist term for disparaging Trump. That’s where we’re at now with Biden — it’s juvenile. He’s also reportedly been throwing tantrums that his approval numbers are lower than Trump’s at the same point– and that they’re ‘worse than Carter numbers’ now.

Biden has passed on that lack of grace to his aides, including his Deputy Press Secretary, Andrew Bates. Bates seemed to think his boss falling over is the time to deflect by attacking Trump. This is what he is doing, rather than updating us on how Biden is. This is childish.


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