CONFIRMED: The Ashley Biden Diary Is Real, but the FBI Only Cares About Investigating Project Veritas

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There’s a trend when it comes to the reporting of The New York Times (and The Washington Post) regarding anything to do with the DOJ and FBI. Anytime they “confirm” something that otherwise appears to be negative for one of the mentioned agencies (including their protecting of Democrat politicians), they do so only to whitewash the situation.


We saw that most recently with the Times’ reporting on Michael Sussman, who has now been indicted via John Durham’s investigation. If you just read the Times’ take on it prior to the announcement, you’d think the case was weak and the charges wouldn’t stand up. Yet, Durham ended up dropping a dump-truck load of evidence against Sussmann that completely destroyed the media narrative.

That’s likely what’s happening with this latest story. The Times has now confirmed that the Ashley Biden diary is legit, something you’d think actually plays in favor of Project Veritas. The article also notes that it was purchased and not stolen. In short, now we know it wasn’t some forged “disinformation” campaign.

Yet, the Times doesn’t even bother to mention anything about the actual contents of the diary, which are allegedly damning for Joe Biden. Rather, they spend the entire time leaking details of the FBI investigation, and what the FBI is investigating, even in light of confirming the diary is authentic, will blow your mind.

At the same time, another effort was underway in secret to try to expose the contents of a diary kept the previous year by Mr. Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, as she underwent treatment for addiction.

Now, more than a year later, the Justice Department is deep into an investigation of how the diary found its way into the hands of supporters of Mr. Trump at the height of the campaign.

Federal prosecutors and F.B.I. agents are investigating whether there was a criminal conspiracy among a handful of individuals to steal and publish the diary. Those being scrutinized include current and former operatives for the conservative group Project Veritas; a donor Mr. Trump appointed to a political position in the final days of his administration; a man who once pleaded guilty in a money laundering scheme; and a financially struggling mother of two, according to people familiar with federal grand jury subpoenas and a search warrant who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.


If you are wanting absolute proof that the FBI is being run by partisan hacks that consistently seek to protect high-profile Democrat politicians, this is as convincing as it gets.

Notice how the Times attempts to paint Ashley Biden as just some addict and a “struggling mother of two.” Now, perhaps she is battling addiction (or was), but the purpose of putting those lines in there is to try to paint her as not credible. That’s because the goal here is to suggest that what she wrote in that diary isn’t credible. Instead, the preferred narrative is that she was just a troubled child writing down fantasies.

Why? Because there are allegedly photocopied pages of the diary that suggest Joe Biden was molesting his daughter. Now, to be clear, I can’t confirm the authenticity of those pages (which is why I won’t link to them) nor can I confirm that they came from the same diary that has been confirmed to exist now by the Times. I’m simply noting that the accusations exist and that the media seem to have a vested interest in downplaying Ashley Biden’s credibility. That is probably not a coincidence.

But while the FBI knows all that, instead of taking the confirmation of the diary as a lead-in to investigate Joe Biden, they are using it as a further excuse to investigate Project Veritas and people connected with Donald Trump for exposing it. In fact, one paragraph in the Times’ article appears to admit the political motivation.

The investigation has focused new attention on how Mr. Trump or his allies sought to use the troubles of Mr. Biden’s two surviving children to undercut him.

The inquiry has also intensified the scrutiny of Project Veritas. Its founder, James O’Keefe, was pulled from his apartment in his underwear and handcuffed during a dawn raid last month by the F.B.I., two days after a pair of his former employees had their homes raided.


It is not a crime to use the “two surviving children” of Joe Biden to undercut him during a presidential race. It is also not a crime to legally buy a diary and then expose its existence. Yet, the FBI has chosen to go after James O’Keefe and others anyway. In my opinion, that’s to protect Joe Biden going forward and to scare others into backing off as the diary could contain many damaging revelations about the president.

We are witnessing an incredible level of corruption, and it shows just how far gone these agencies are. Paying sources or purchasing evidence is not unusual in the news industry. And whether one likes Project Veritas or not, their tactics are no different than what we’ve seen from news outlets like the Times or Post. If it is legal for the Times to expose classified or damning information because of First Amendment protections, then it is legal for Veritas to do so as well. To set up two different legal standards based on who the government deems appropriate is the stuff of banana republics.

There is no justification at all for the FBI to be acting as Joe Biden’s personal protection force, and there should be no investigation into anything concerning Ashley Biden’s diary. How did such an investigation start in the first place? Would it shock anyone if it was ordered by Biden himself? After all, as the Times article notes, the diary is real, and it was purchased. So what’s the issue here? Yet, this tyrannical government persecution is happening anyway, and right out in the open.



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