Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 118: The 'SCOTUS Mandate Debate, Spiderman, and The Bail Project Consequences' Edition

Apologies for the lateness of this post. There’s been quite a bit going on as we all dodge Omicron and hunt for groceries on shelves that have become barer by the day. In any event, on this week’s show, I delve into the vaccine mandate debate while the nation awaits word from SCOTUS as to whether they will stop the Biden overreach into our lives by mandating that we relinquish personal medical choice in order to participate in society or remain employed.


No one really knows what SCOTUS will do with the vaccine mandate (even Washington DC’s mayor Bowser enacts the city’s vaccine mandate this Saturday in truly bizarre rhetorical fashion), but progressives don’t sound particularly hopeful that it will go their way.

Former Biden COVID adviser Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who signed onto an amicus brief saying the mandates are “vital” to the health of the country, implored the Supreme Court to “recognize” the importance of allowing Biden’s plans to proceed.

“The Supreme Court has to recognize that COVID in the workplace is a real health threat and really does affect many people and unfortunately many frontline workers have died from COVID and contracting COVID in the workplace,” Emanuel said on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” “They need protection and getting – mandating – vaccination is a quite reasonable protection.”

Emanuel said America will “never” get to majority vaccinations without the mandates.

“And for the Supreme Court to take that away in the midst of an emergency seems to me to be very wrong,” he concluded.


Emanuel is, of course, the “ethicist” who doesn’t believe people should live past a certain age, so why he’s so fired up about real health threats is a mystery.

SCOTUS continues to make the nation wait, even as the mandates went into effect Monday. The strange reality is that COVID seems to finally be on its way out the door, which may explain the last grasp, desperate death throe behavior of Democrat lawmakers in trying to hang onto the thing that has given them unparalleled power for the last two years. Last chance to mandate and mask! Better get to it if you haven’t already!

Unfortunately, for citizens of blue states and cities, things will continue to be uncomfortable for a while longer. But signs that Congress means to finally start looking seriously at corruption on the left are beginning to develop. Sen. Rand Paul is tackling Fauci. Sens. Cruz and Cotton are asking questions about the Jan. 6 event.

And we’re all still waiting on SCOTUS.

It’s not over yet. But there’s a faint glimmer of land in sight…


I talk about all that on the podcast this week, as well as offer my thoughts on the new Spiderman offering (it’s fun and the trailer’s below) and hopefully flesh out the problems with charitable bail organizations.

You’ve got 30 minutes. Give it a go.

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