Translation Of Chinese Speeches Offers Insight Into What Xi Really Wants

Translation Of Chinese Speeches Offers Insight Into What Xi Really Wants
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There’s no easy way to say it: America is divided and, as a result, is being quietly pursued by China, who seeks to dominate the U.S. — and indeed, the world. At least that’s what writer Manyin Li, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in China who recently translated speeches from one of the Communist Party of China’s (CCP) “State Masters” for a piece in National Review, says.

Manyin Li, a freelance writer and author of the forthcoming book, “Bearing Witness: Coming of Age in Mao’s China,” has translated excerpts of several speeches given by “high-profile Chinese scholar serving the Party” Jin Canrong, who is a professor at the Chinese People’s University in Beijing. Jin is considered an expert on the U.S. and is an adviser to the CCP’s Organization Department and United Front Department, Manyin says. His visa was suspended by the Trump administration’s State Department in January 2020.

And if what Manyin offers is a faithful translation of Jin’s words, his suspension is more than understandable.

I won’t try to offer a summation of what Manyin says Jin believes are China’s true goals. The piece is far too long and detailed. But suffice to say, she lays out six “rhapsodies” that make up Jin’s basic belief about how China views the U.S. in both the short and long term. These “rhapsodies” involve everything from “enmeshing” the two countries so that the U.S. is powerless to disconnect itself from China; playing coy and waiting for the U.S. to involve itself in meaningless wars in the Middle East as a distraction while China builds its military; ingratiating itself to other nations to isolate the U.S.; and using the U.S. system of Democracy and its free press against it.

The entire piece is an absolute must-read.

But one part I will leave here, to both entice you to read the entire thing, and to encourage you that China is playing a very subtle — and very smart —  long game.

The investment conditions in the U.S. are more open and with larger volume than that of Japan and Europe. Laws in the U.S. are transparent, predictable, and protective.

Our government hopes that eventually China will have investments in each and every congressional district in the U.S., making it possible for China to control thousands of votes to influence congressional members’ stance toward China. In fact, the U.S. representatives can be controlled. The U.S. has 312 millions of people, who elect 435 representatives. That means 750,000 people in each district on average. The normal turnout rate is 30 percent, about 200,000 voters who determine who gets elected. Generally, the two contenders have about the same number of supporters, separated by only 10,000 votes or fewer. Therefore, if you control a few thousand votes, you would be his/her dad. China, if playing well, will be able to buy out the U.S., making the U.S. Congress the second Standing Committee of our People’s National Representatives.

Take that how you will.

Manyin Li offers sound advice about dealing with the threat, and is jarringly honest in her assessment of the CCP model, which she says China’s leadership believes in. It’s a model CCP leadership would like to “export to the world,” Manyin says.

The CCP’s model includes a police state, high-tech surveillance, censorship of media and the Internet, speech restrictions, lifelong privileges for ruling-party officials, wealth concentrated in a small group of CCP officials’ clans, stark inequality, oppression of the religious, the Sinicization of all ethnic minorities with coercive measures, etc. (And let’s not forget that this system originated COVID-19 in the first place!) Would any people in the world like to live in such conditions? The answer is absolutely “No.” This kind of regime cannot even go on forever in China. Nevertheless, it could last for a while. Americans must be ready to face the reality with patience and wisdom.

It’s a sobering read for anyone wondering how a Biden Administration might be inclined to deal with an ambitious Chinese Communist Party. But a necessary one.

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